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July 22, 2011 - It's Just Plain Hard

Hello All,

I cannot believe it has been a month since I lasted posted.  I could write a really long post filled with countless excuses, but there are none. There is never an acceptable excuse for not taking care of yourself.

Living healthy is hard work.   Well, for some of us any way.

Ultimately, I MUST get back to what works and what makes me feel healthy. As my long time blog readers know, there are many things I have tried and a few that have worked.  I spent this evening reading through those items.  I also read old blog posts and found some trends that need to be addressed.

Do not mistake my comments as any indication I have fallen completely off-the-wagon.  For me, I have a hard time concentrating on all aspects of living healthy.  For example, I go to Boot Camp and Personal Training, but I am not eating right. Since I am not eating right, I cannot "push it" when exercising. It is not just enough to exercise. We all know this. At least now I understand better.

Fortunately, I do not have to start from the beginning I just need to add back in those items that work for me in my lifestyle. There is a problem. My lifestyle has changed a bit. I work in a different place and my exercise is kicked up more than it was this time last year. So, I have to try different solutions.

I have read a lot about eating right to lose weight, eating right to live healthy, exercising right to lose weight, and exercising right to live healthy. I have read about hormones, vitamins, and amino acids. There is a lot out there. A lot of theories. Some articles have good references. Other articles are crap.

What is a person to do?!?! Well, much like Dr. Pita said one day; "throw mud at the wall and see what sticks." So, I am making sure those items that worked in the past are adhered to, but I am also adding in a few things. 

I need/must/will do the following:

-Journal my food, mood, and exercise.
-Document my weight loss or gain weekly on my blog.
-Plan my meals at least a few days in advance.
-Set goals for the week and month.
-Wear my heart rate monitor to insure I am exercising and full capacity.
-Practice proper nutrition pre and post exercise (this is new).

I also am going to do something else new. I have always stated my goal is to live a healthy life. I firmly believe this statement, but I need an intervention. Something to shake my world up a bit. So, until the end of August, I am going to concentrate on weight loss. Actual pounds or inches lost will be my goal. My eating will revolve around what has scientifically proven to promote healthy fat and inches lost.

As always thanks for your support!

Til next week,

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