Sunday, July 15

July 15, 2012 - What Have I Been Up To?

Hi All,

I have some EXCITING news to share. As you know, I strongly believe in building an army of supporters to help in whatever goals I strive to achieve. I also strongly believe that we all need to KEEP MOVING. It doesn't matter what our chosen activity is (for me it is walking, personal training, and boot camp), but we gotta KEEP MOVING.

Sooo....I came up with this idea for a web site and mobile application that does not currently exist. I am hoping you all will help me flush out the various ideas I have for my vision.  I think it will probably take over a year to flush out just the first stages of my plan as it is a huge undertaking and does not currently exist. Bits and pieces exist, but not all things.

For the first phase I am asking for no more than 10 particpants to agree sign-up for the following "features." Right now, a lot of these features will be manually done by me or bites and pieces from various existing applications.

The features of this first phase include:
-Daily reminders to attend/do your favorite moving activity.
-Check in to your daily activity
-Weekly status reports

So, I would like all of you interested to sign up by completing the form below.

Thanks everyone!!!

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