Wednesday, November 25

November 25, 2009 - Thankful for Headaches

Hello All,

Stupid pill. So far, all I have are HEADACHES, HEADACHES, and more HEADACHES. Of course, these could be caused by people at work (luv ya all!), my family (hi sis!), my friends (grin), or myself (nah, how could I cause myself headaches?!?).

The only reason I mention this is the fact that when the headaches are the worst, I think to myself; "I am not going to tolerate having these headaches if I am going to start to feel like I did before I started living a healthier lifestyle." Hmmmmm...*POW* Proof I am feeling better! You know you have proof when you no longer tolerate feeling like crap!!!!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. One of the things I am most thankful for is the help and support of all of you!!!

Til Next Week,


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Wednesday, November 18

November 18, 2009 - A BIG Misunderstanding


I know that none of my faithful blog readers are surprised that I abhor taking pills. It really does not matter what kind of pill. Any pill is subject to my throat closing and my gag reflex starting. I am getting better, but I do have a long way to go before I am "cured" of my attitude problem. So, when Dr. Pita finally won a six month long argument (using the Clinic Social Worker as his henchman) to see a Specialist outside his office, I was not happy AT ALL. I KNEW that this so-called Specialist was going to prescribe SOMETHING. That IS what they are to do.

I met with the Specialist, who I believe found my story of why I was in his office mildly amusing. I told him that I was strongarmed, and that Dr. Pita managed to get the Clinic Social Worker to do the dirty work so his hands were "clean." (Note: This is my perception of the events, I am sure Dr. Pita and the Clinic Social Worker would have an entirely different perspective of our conversations over the last 6 months. HA!)

I left the the Specialist's office with a prescription that I DID NOT WANT TO TAKE, but I knew that I should. In order to "get it over with" I went to the closest CVS to fill the Rx. On the way into the store I was upset and a bit teary due to how I was feeling regarding taking ANOTHER pill.

CVS Lady 1; "How may I help you today?"
Me; "I have a prescription to fill and I have a discount card from the Physician."
CVS Lady 1; "Hmmmm...I do not believe we carry that prescription. Let me check."
Me (thoughts in my head); "How could they NOT carry it? Am I THAT broken?!?!?"
CVS Lady 2; "How may I help you?"
Me; "The other lady is looking to see if you carry the prescription I need."
CVS Lady 1; "Nope, we do not have it!"
CVS Lady 2; "We will have to order it for you to receive tomorrow."
Me; "OK"
Me; (On the way out the door talking to myself) "Stupid pharmacy. Stupid pill. Stupid Doctors just trying to take my money. It is all just some conspiracy anyway."

The next day at CVS as I pulled in I was getting weepy (I know, I know it is crazy, but I WAS really upset about the whole situation.).

Me; "Hi, I am here to pickup a prescription. Asher, Kristi"
CVS Lady; "First name?"
Me; "Hmph. Kristi"
CVS Lady took the sticker from the prescription and placed it on the signature form. I noticed in bright bold letters PRIVACY. I also noticed that none of the other stickers on the page had this notation.
Me (in my head); "Oh this is just GREAT!!!! I am taking something that the pharmacy has to make sure no one knows I am taking!!!." It was then that the tears started to well up in my eyes. I cried all the way to the car.

I settled into the car and ripped open the bag. In the bag I noticed that there was a letter from CVS stating that they needed me to sign that I have received a copy of the CVS Privacy Practices.

So, do y'all suppose that is why PRIVACY was in big bold letters next to my name?

Heavy Sigh...

Til Next Week,

*I was down a pound at my checkup with Dr. Pita today.
*My knee is slowly getting better.
*I am on Week 2 of Half Marathon Training.

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Friday, November 13

November 13, 2009 - The Scale


Sorry I am a little late posting this week. I had a little trouble writing my story. I am trying to tell the story right, but sometimes the words just do not happen to hit the keyboard the way they sit in my head!

The scale and I were fighting. It was not telling me what I wanted to "hear." Stupid scale!! I named the scale Pinocchio since it lied so much.
After several fights with the scale I realized; "Apparently, *I* am the one with the problem." Yes, I know how could *I* be the one with the problem? Well, I started focusing on the wrong thing.

All the professionals around me are not concerned about the scale. They are more concerned about the other aspects (e.g. eating correctly, exercising right, staying in the mindset of being healthy).

The problem is that I started focusing a bit too much I want the scale said and not how I FELT. I then asked myself; "How do you feel?" When the answer was; "Not as good as I can" I took a hard look at my exercise, diet, and other lifestyle factors and made few tweaks. Now I feel a lot better.

I just needed to remind myself that losing weight will come with the lifestyle change, but I have to feel and be healthy FIRST! I had gotten a little off track in my thinking.

So, me and the scale are back on speaking terms again. It will never be a love affair, but we CAN coexist in the same house as long as the scale remains just the toy that it is meant to be.

Til Next Week,
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Wednesday, November 4

November 4, 2009 - PT Bruiser and the Physical Terrorist


So...I am still feeling not up to par, so I am not sure how humorous my story will be this week, but I guess it is not always about being funny, huh? Working to be healthy is HARD WORK!

Apparently, it gets easier (at least that is what I am told). However, when you have an adulthood filled with bad habits breaking from the old is difficult.

I whined a little bit to Dr. Pita this week about going up and down the same 3-4 pounds for the past 5 months. Of course, he is the man that always has an explanation (sigh). He stated that for as much weight as I have lost this is to be expected. However, if it keeps up, after I am able to start exercising fully, we will look for a physiological reason if the pounds do not start dropping again.

Physical Therapy has been quite enlightening. So far my favorite quote from the Physical Terrorist is; "You really did the Mini? All 13.1 miles? Really? On these knees and with these hamstrings? Hmmm.." I decided not to question further.

Apparently, you are supposed to be able to step up and down on a step without "bobbling" your leg to the left or right. You are also supposed to be able to push your legs into the Physical Terrorists arm with some strength. Hmph!

I took my new found knowledge to PT Bruiser and told her that we have some work to do. So we have been working these exercises into the "routines". It is important to note that:

1) These exercises HURT.
2) PT Bruiser nor the Physical Terrorist care.

However, PT Bruiser does count for me. The first day in Physical Therapy the Physical Terrorist gave me an exercise and after a few minutes said; "What number are you on?" Oops! I thought I paid these people to count for me? Sheesh...

Yesterday, I told PT Bruiser about my week and told her that I could not think of anything funny for the blog. I then mentioned that I tried to do agility with Calvin on Monday. Unfortunately, during agility, Calvin bumped into my knee and scared the beejeebees out of me! This caused me to have a minor "breakdown" in class. Tears and all...

PT Bruiser; "That's funny."
Me; "No it isn't."
PT Bruiser; "No, it's funny."
Me; "Only if you are sadistic."

Til Next Week,

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