Sunday, October 17

October 17, 2010 - You Get By with A Little Help from Your Friends

Hello All,

As I mention over, and over, and over again a supportive social network is important to me. Sometimes, it may sound like I am picking on my Army too much, but that is how I find my amusement during the day. LOL

It is nice that I work with some of my biggest supporters and fellow platoon members...SOMETIMES.  I would like to point out that they only say it is nice to work with me SOMETIMES, too.

Lately, I have not been the most pleasant person to be around.  I am being moody and having immense trouble caring about life in general, plus not wanting to get out of bed (there are two extremes either no sleep or 14 hours of sleep).   Last week I had a particularly bad morning, but did manage to drag myself into work (after stopping to buy a shirt because I spilled my breakfast all over me on the drive to the office).

Well, Jasmine (not her real name) and I were discussing something to do with work (I do not remember what it was now) and the topic switched to my addiction to Diet Coke returning. Here is the conversation...

Me; "Yeah, I don't know what the deal is lately. I feel like I NEED Diet Coke. I am definitely not drinking enough water, too."
Jasmine; "You know you feel better when are not drinking them, right?"
Me Thinking; "Oh no, she is channeling Dr. DeadToMeNow."
Me; ***EXTREMELY heavy sigh*** "Eh, we all die anyway."
Jasmine in a threatening voice; "Some of us sooner than others."
Me Thinking; "I think she is plotting to kill me now."

Soo....later in the day I put my Healthy Choice Pot Pie on 50% in the microwave and headed downstairs to get a Diet Coke out of the machine. I decided to get 2 Diet Cokes and of course a glass of ice.  I love my DCs cooooold!

When I returned to the break room my lunch was on fire.  Apparently, that microwave does not really use the 50% setting.  After assuring all of my co-workers that I was not attempting suicide by microwave, I decided to salvage as much of the Pot Pie as possible.

Portia encountered me as I was leaving the break room. Apparently, my TWO Diet Cokes sent her over the edge. The next thing I know she took my nice crisp glass of ice and poured WATER into it!!! She then forcefully pulled one of the cans of Diet Coke from me and put it in the fridge (I didn't let it go easy). I was informed that my ice would still be nice if I hurried up and drank the water in my glass.

What did I do?  I drank the water and then the Diet Coke.  I also cooked another meal. You CANNOT salvage a Pot Pie once it burns.

Lesson learned?   It is nice to have great friends that want to help you take care of you, even when you do not want to take care of yourself.

Til Next Time,

Tuesday, October 12

October 12, 2010 - My Fat is MOVING!


As you all know my weight loss has slowed, in fact I gained weight (10 pounds). However, I have not quit exercising, but I have not been as vigilant on my journaling of food. I HAVE to journal what I eat or I start to overeat again.

Because of the slowness of the weight loss (expected since I have lost so much) PT Bruiser is going to measure me once a month in order watch my muscles "develop." 
PT Bruiser measured me last week. The last time I was measured was in March.  Here are the results:

Chest: Down 2 inches
Bicep: Down 1.5 inches
Thigh: Down 2 inches
Waist: Down 2 inches
Hips: UP 2 inches


My fat is MOVING!

To quote Portia: "If fat is going to move, let it move to Illinois."

Til Next Week or Something Exciting Happens,

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Thursday, October 7

October 7, 2010 - Boot Camp-What Not To Do

Hello All,

I know, I know 2 postings this week. What a shock, but I could not pass up the opportunity to describe the first night of Boot Camp.

As I mentioned in the past, I love Groupons. One of the reason I like Groupons is that you can try new experiences and restaurants at a fraction of the cost. Normally the savings on the services range anywhere from 55-75 percent.

Advertisement: If you have not signed up for Groupons please do so by clicking on this link. I will get credits….

Recently, tAmMY and I purchased a Groupon for a local business that offers a twice a week Boot Camp. Originally, tAmMY wanted to do the Boot Camp in August. My Guardian Angel was looking down upon me and made sure we did not attend until the weather got cooler in October. This week I started the Boot Camp.

Well, before I started Boot Camp I attended an assessment. I passed the assessment with flying colors. Sure, she gave a meal plan, but she was happy about my strength and conditioning when I told her everything that I was doing.

Earlier this week, I had a stomach illness. I am not sure if I had something that was being passed around at work, if it was hormones, or if it was something I ate. I was originally to attend on Tuesday, but called and said I would attend on Wednesday instead.

So, even though I was a bit shaky I attended Boot Camp, but I must admit I was not feeling the best, but I did manage to eat something a couple hours before the class. The class was on the steps of the War Memorial in downtown Indianapolis.

I wore my Heart Rate monitor.

On the way to where everyone was assembled I was warned by my Heart Rate monitor that exercising was a bad idea when it beeped that I was in a Moderate Workout Zone. I was strolling! Five minutes into the class the monitor beeped that I was in Vigorous Workout Zone. Ten minutes into class the monitor beeped that I was passing the “suggested” Heart Rate. Fifteen minutes into the class I “tossed my cookies”, “puked”, “blew chunks.” I considered dropping dead right there, but I did not want to traumatize tAmMY, plus my Sister has plans this weekend and she would be mad if she missed them because I “kicked the bucket” and caused her to miss the Flyball Tournament (in reality, she would miss my funeral to attend the NAFA tournament).

As I was hurling everything I ate on Wednesday over the side of the railing, these were the irrational and illogical thoughts coursing through the synapses of my mind.

“My Heart Rate Monitor says I have burned 300 calories at this point. I just lost whatever calories I ate today. I am waaaaay ahead on calories burned for the day!”

“Sheesh…I am like the contestants during the first week on the Biggest Loser.”

However, the following thought is what got me back in the game...

“Well, in College I could vomit during a drinking binge and get back to drinking. At 40 I should be able to vomit while exercising and get back to the circuit!”

So, I went back to it. I impressed myself. Granted, I was smarter the second half of the class and took it easy, but I did finish by burning over 600 calories. Just think if I lost 1,150 getting sick I am down a half pound!!!

As for tAmMY, I hate her. Her hair was still perfect when we left.

Til Next Week,


P.S. Okay, I don’t REALLY hate tAmMY, but I needed a punch line and she can take it. LOL

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Wednesday, October 6

October 6, 2010 - Combatting Allergies


I have absolutely no creative bone in my body right now, but hopefully you will find this story amusing.

This year my allergies are off the chart!  Normally, I can suffer through a week of some sniffles and swollen eyelids. This year my symptoms were unbearable!  So, I looked online at a certain Integrative Health Physician's web site and found his views were to teach the immune system to unlearn it's "pointless habit" of being bothered by seasonal irritants.

Note: The snarky person in me thinks this is all well and good to say if you live in a state like Arizona. Sheesh.

Since I did not have a lot of time to teach my immune system to unlearn it's automatic response. I wrote a letter.

Dear Immune System,

Cease and desist in your efforts to cause me to be unable to see and unable to breathe.

The rest of the body

Of course, my mandate did not work. I had to pull out the big guns. I had to contact Dr. Pins and Needles.

Of course, Dr. Pins and Needles was extremely excited to see him since I was absent from his life for a couple of months. I did not visit in the past 2 months because I was in too much of a funk. It is sort of a Catch-22 you have to feel like feeling better to feel better. (sigh)  You also have to feel like driving 45 minutes there and back.

Dr. Pins and Needles starts placing needles everywhere.  I had needles right next to my eyeballs, at my nostrils, and across my forehead.  He then tells me Portia is in the other room and mentioned to him that I have not been doing that well. So...he starts placing needles in new places based on PORTIA'S comments.




My season allergies are healed, but now my body has a response to Portia going to the same Acupuncturist.

Til Next Week,

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