Tuesday, April 26

April 26, 2011 - Metamora Towpath 10K - Come Join Me

On May 21st my favorite place to walk will be hosting a 10K. It is known as the Metamora Towpath 10K Dash and Fun Run.  I encourage all of my blog readers to join me for this first annual event. 

I basically grew up in Metamora since my family has owned a store in town for 27 years.  My footprints are all over this trail as it is one of my training grounds for the half marathons. I guarantee you will not find a more interesting race this year to attend.

You will walk/run through historic Metamora passing the grist mill. You will run/walk by one of the only wooden working acqueducts in the US. As you get to the trail head you will pass some of the most beautiful draft horses ever seen. The trail runs alongside the canal and railroad. Eventually, you will reach "the end of the line", but will keep on going until turning around at one of the old locks.  On the return trip make sure to notice the houses hidden behind the foliage and the summer campgrounds hidden off the beaten path. In addition, you will see some very fertile farm ground.

When you are done with your run or walk take time to enjoy the historic sites in Metamora. I recommend taking a train ride and a boat ride to hear more about the Whitewater Valley. Be sure to browse in the shops and enjoy your stay in Metamora. If you are interested, I will even take you on a free tour of the town explaining the town's unique history.

If you are new to walking let me know. You can walk with me and accomplish a new goal (6.2 miles). Just let me know!

As an added enticement, mention this article and get a 20% discount in our family store..Unique Creations (number 28 on the map).

For more information visit:

I hope to see you all in Metamora, May 21st!

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Monday, April 18

April 18, 2011 - Frustrated

Hello All,

This goes out to all of you that get discouraged trying to live a healthy lifestyle. There are many times I want to say; "FORGET IT".  This is one of those times.

I am frustrated because:
  • My knees are hurting more than normal right now. During the dog agility trial this weekend I winced every time I ran my dog. During Boot Camp tonight I almost left because the tears were starting to flow.
  • I have been self-sabotaging (I think) by not remembering to take my medicine which helps my moodiness. I also have not been able to choke down fish oil, either.
  • I am having trouble eating right. It is almost as if as the frustration rises my craving for sweets and fatty foods explodes.
I have hope, though.  I know that the frustration will eventually pass. I just have to keep at it. I hope all of you in the same predicament will also keep at it.

Take Care,

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Wednesday, April 6

April 6, 2011 - Near Death Experience at Boot Camp

Hello All,

What a beautiful day today. It was one of those perfect days until I went to Boot Camp.

Boot Camp started out as normal, but apparently Tabata Tod decided we needed to work a little harder. At the beginning of Boot Camp we were doing 5 minute rounds rotating between 2 exercises. Then my day got rough...

While doing kettlebell swings my life flashed before before my eyes (sorry about borrowing your clothes sister).

While doing burpees I had an out of body experience (sheesh...I look like an idiot doing burpees).

While doing push-ups I was beckoned toward the light (I needed my sunglasses it was so bright).

While doing sit-ups a sense of calm came over me. I was ready to sleep. Until Tabata Tod scared the bejeebies out of me and brought me back to reality.

I would have been TICKED if I kicked the bucket the DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!

Catch ya all later!

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Sunday, April 3

April 2, 2011 - Metabolic Effect - Week 1

Hello Everyone,

Well my sister and I are giving the Metabolic Effect protocol a try. Basically, it is a 10 week program where you eat based on how your body reacts to food. I have been intrigued by this for quite some time. Primarily, it is similar to what Dr. Pita (AKA Dr. DeadtoMeNow) had me trying to do, but on a much more stringent scale.

The dudes that came up with it are Naturopathic Physicians and Personal Trainers. A big PLUS. Much like what Dr. Pita drilled into me they believe nutrition over prescription whereever possible.

Much of what I read in the book rings true for me. It explains the lethargy even when I am eating right, the weight loss plateau and then gain, and documented problems with my thyroid. I am planning to take the 5% body fat loss over the past 3 months even further following their suggestions.

The eating plan is relatively simple. I will have to really watch the bad carbs (bread, etc). I can only have 3 bites per meal.  Other than that I will be eating the way the dietary exchanges have me eating anyway. They also have an exercise program that insures quality workouts vs. quantity workouts.

We both begin tomorrow. I will update next week on how we are doing.

Note: I will get the final bits of video for the transformation video blog recorded this week so that the latest video will be up soon.

Take Care,
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Friday, April 1

April 1, 2011 - Defending Myself

This blog post goes out to all of you that: 
  • Smile and laugh through anything
  • Talk all the time
  • Racewalk

Ta-ba-ta Tod decided to trash talk me yesterday during Boot Camp. He forgot (yet again) that I believe the pen is mightier than the sword. I feel the need to defend myself today.

He was happy I did not have a smile on my face. Apparently, smiling means I am not working hard enough. WHAT?!?! NO IT DOES NOT! I smile A LOT! Sometimes when I dislocate my knee I smile through the pain. Of course, sometimes I smile in Boot Camp because it is almost over.

 I got chastised for how much I normally talk. WHAT?!?!?! I believe in speaking when you are being spoken to…so I talk back at him. Of course, trash talking prevents me from smacking him on the back of the head when his back is turned.

I also got called out for racewalking instead of running! Racewalking is an acceptable form of warming up before exercising. In fact, because I can do it faster than running, (due to my bad knee) I actually get my heart pumping faster. Many racewalkers can walk 10 MPH or more (much like runners). I cannot run anyway. PT Bruiser would feel the need to show up at Boot Camp and prevent me from running.

Well, I feel better now. This rant has helped.

Of course, there is one last point to make….

Obviously, I WAS working out harder last night in Boot Camp since I could not defend myself at the time.

Til Later,
P.S. I am not quite done with the video.