Wednesday, April 29

April 29, 2009 - The Mini and Omegas

Hello All,

Well the Mini Marathon is almost here! However, I am no longer calling it a Mini based on the following e-mail I received from a friend after completing the Bricks to Bricks 10 Miler.

"Only 3 miles more and you have yourself completing a half-marathon. I don’t like using the word “mini” because it is quite degrading to the fact that you are still doing 13.1 miles, that is a not a “mini” accomplishment."

With friends like this, no wonder I am doing so well. My support system is excellent! I am ready and confident that I will meet my goals. I will provide an update on Saturday evening (if I can type) regarding how I did. For my most avid followers you might be interested in watching the results of anyone you know entered at

I learned something from Dr. Pita today that I need to type up so I have included it here. You see, Dr. Pita chose to write everything I needed on a paper towel (see photo). Of course, I do not mind this. Those that know me well have seen notes on my hands, arms, deposit slips, and anywhere else that a pen or permanent marker works!

I asked Dr. Pita today what to do about my "pill problem" regarding the fish oil tablets and the Coromega. I know I need to take the fish oil to see if it helps my moodiness and this is one of the places I am most uncompliant in regards to my striving to be healthy efforts.

I need to remember to ask next time I see him the quantities of things (other than the pills and fish capsules). He said I should eat salmon 3 times a week, but I am not sure how many ounces he meant.

Ways to get Omega 3s
*Fish Oil in the form of Coromega
*Fish Oil Capsules*Krill Oil (I have a sample of these, they are smaller than regular fish oil. Woo hoo!)
*Smoked Salmon (Makes a lovely Salmon Salad with lemon, dill, olive oil, mustard (dijon, of course), basil and possibly mayo).
*Canned Sockeye Salmon
*Salmon Sausage
*Salmon Candy (I just HAVE to try these. Just to taste!)
*Sardines in Water (Apparently, Dr. Pita likes these with olive oil and tomatoes. Who knew that they taught cooking in Med School! )
*Black Cod
*Albacore Tuna
*Eggland's Best Eggs with the Omega 3s

If I start to grow fins from eating all of this fish, I will post pictures!

Til next week,
P.S. Down 2.5 pounds!

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Wednesday, April 22

April 22, 2009 - Big Brother Correction

Hello All,

Well, a few weeks ago I referred to PT Bruiser as Big Brother. When meeting with Dr. Pita last week, he informed me that HE is BIG BROTHER, not PT Bruiser. PT Bruiser is BIG SISTER.

So, I spoke with my REAL BIG SISTER and she said she is willing to relinquish the responsibility, but “No give backs!” So, after much thought these are the things PT Bruiser is now/or needs to have in her memory as providing in the past.

*Be able to draw Hollie Hobby (the 1970s version not the new one) whenever I tell her to. It MUST be in blue ink. No other ink will do.
*When she takes me somewhere, MY NEEDS COME FIRST! For example, if there is only enough money for one drink. I GET IT!
*If we are on top of a mountain, in a hail storm, she must carry me down the mountain and cover my head so that it does not hurt.
*Teach me how to drive.
*Listen to me ramble…on…and…on…and…on…about nothing in particular.
*Gripe about/at me, but NO ONE else can for fear of opening a can of whup ass for dissing me.
*Lift all heavy things, especially when I say; “oh, oh, that’s heaaaaaaaaavy (fake tear)”.

In turn I will:

*Remind her that that not only was she an ART major, but she also went to a STATE school.
*Let her think she is smarter than me.
*Feed and care for her animals when she is out of town.
*Hide the bruises.
*Worry incessantly that she is happy/eating/healthy.

If Dr. Pita is BIG BROTHER and PT Bruiser is BIG SISTER does that make Dr. Pins and Needles an ANNOYING COUSIN since all he does is poke at me and then leave?

Til Next Week,


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April 20, 2009 - The Mental Game of Being Healthy

Note: I am typing up the following as a therapeutic endeavor for myself. Empathy and comments are not needed I just need to “get it out there” so I can move forward with what needs to be done.

After looking at my weight loss over the last couple of months, I must say it is non-existent. I am slightly disappointed in myself about this development. Not because I have not loss pounds, per se, but because I am finding it hard to do EVERYTHING that is required to be healthy and be in fat-burning mode.

I was doing well regarding eating the appropriate number of vegetables, fruit, and other good stuff until I started preparing for the Mini Marathon. Therefore, when my activity level increased my eating habits got worse - not as bad as they USED to be, just not as good as the prior months.

While training I also am tired all the time, and I do believe a little stressed. I have been looking forward to the challenge of the Mini Marathon since I sent an e-mail out to some of my friends last March in an effort to hold myself accountable for learning to take care of myself. There is no doubt I am doing better, but I have a long way to go in order to make some habits part of my psyche.

Sometimes the idea of watching what I eat and exercising every day seems overwhelming when work and other life duties get in the way, but I do have to remind myself that it will be really overwhelming if I suffer from diabetes or have no cartilage in my knees when I am older due to poor lifestyle choices. Some days I am able to do everything I need to do and some days I am not.

A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment with Ms. Tappy Tap (the EMDR Social Worker) and she mentioned that maybe a mood stabilizer might help. She said it will help keep me level and not dip down into depressions and up into anxiety so often. It is important for me to realize that not only do I have these moods, they impact my life when they are out of control. I promised her I would speak to Dr. Pita about it.

Last week, I had my appointment with Dr. Pita and told him of her suggestion. He shocked me by saying; “Well, now you have two people that think you need a mood stabilizer.” He was referring to Ms. Tappy Tap and the Clinic Social Worker. I am not really sure how he feels about it. I have a general idea, but he was careful not to remind me of his opinion (grin). You see, Dr. Pita and I have had this discussion regarding my moods several times because apparently I cannot hide them well. This is why I am to take so much fish oil and flax oil. He and I also know that I had been told this at least twice in the past before I ever stepped into the clinic.

Unfortunately, Dr. Pita did not realize that when he was yammering on and on that what I was hearing was that no matter how good I eat or how much exercise I get there is nothing I can do to gain control of my depression, anxiety (they do not think I am always anxious, but that is how I refer to this particular mood), irritability, occasional paranoia, and irrationality. This was devastating to me. I felt that he was saying it was entirely out of my control. I then started thinking; “Why isn't everything that I have done so far good enough? What am I doing this for? I thought if I ate healthy and exercised everything else would fall into place, why isn't it?"

Mood stabilizers are a tricky thing with consequences to the kidneys and liver if not monitored closely. Sometimes even with monitoring there can be long term affects to the body including weight gain and liver/kidney/thyroid problems. It is this knowledge that I had as he was speaking. My mind kept spinning with; “I cannot do all this work and then gain the weight back. It has been so hard!”

I can look at the family tree and see the ramifications of what happens if I do not do anything. It is scary to think that I could end up like “them”.

So, I decided to use the lesson from the Never Settle Walk and fight back. I AM going to do everything I need to do. I AM going to eat right. I AM going to put myself on a schedule. I AM going to make sure to take all of the fish oil. I AM going to meditate and exercise daily. I will not be perfect, but I will be better. I will do what I need to do and only until EVERY alternative is exhausted will I even consider these drugs.

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Sunday, April 19

April 19, 2009 - Bricks to Bricks 10 Miler Update

Hello All,

I wanted to give you a quick update regarding the Bricks to Bricks 10 Miler.

I woke up at 5:15 AM this morning and got ready for the race. I doused myself with Glide. I dressed quite stylish (wink). I had on a hot pink Just Do It shirt from Nike (sweat wicking, of course), bright orange windbreaker, light pink visor, and black and red walking pants. Of course, the clothes have to fit EXACTLY for the wicking to work. I felt I looked quite skinny, but I am sure some people probably could have looked at me and said; "Oh my, what is that obese woman doing in that outfit?" I would have said to them; "Hey, I am no longer morbidly obese, you fatist!"

I got there in plenty of time and psyched myself up for the race. See, I was extremely nervous about this race, because this race was going to tell me if I could complete the Mini. I always thought all along that if I finished the 10 miler with a decent time I could do the Mini.

The start line was a 5 minute walk from where we had to register. As I kept walking I kept having to pull my pants up. While standing under the awning of the school, I realized my new fancy-dancy sweat wicking pants were on backwards! Yes, you read that right...instead of Juicy* across my bee-hind I had Adidas. Of course, the maker of the flared-cut running/walking pants by Adidas expected the Adidas logo to be on the left hip, not the right buttock! Alas, there was nothing I could do...

It rained on us the first 3 or 4 miles. Until mile 7 I did well until my knee started "catching" a bit, but I FINISHED! It wasn't quite the time I wanted. I was shooting for 17:30 miles, but I did 17:36. I am happy with that! I FINISHED! Mini Marathon here I come!!!!

Til Wednesday, when I discuss why I am going to glare at Dr. Pita next time I see him and the can of worms PT Bruiser opened!


*The sweats teens and pre-teens were running around wearing a couple of years ago that have slogans on the back of them. Of course, occassionally there would be someone wearing them that was MUCH too old for THAT look!

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Tuesday, April 14

April 15, 2009 - The Church and The Train

Hellooooo World!
Well, I have not wrote much about the weekend walks I have recently entered. Since the beginning of the year I have participated in the following events.

Polar Bear Walk 5 Miles
Shamrock Walk- 4 Miles
Will Power Race for Riley – 5 K
Never Settle – 10 K

I have two more races before the Mini that are:
Bricks to Bricks 10 Miler
FDIC Courage and Valor Run/Walk

It is the most recent walk that reminded me why I am enjoying the preparation for the Mini and the interesting people that I am meeting at all of these events.

On Saturday, I attended the Never Settle Run/Walk in Lawrence (at least I THINK that is where I was…I was way out on Pendleton Pike near Ft. Ben). I REALLY did not want to get up on Saturday. I mean REALLY, REALLY, REALLY did not want to go. I was making every excuse possible in my head. I think the only reason I went is because I paid and I wanted my shirt. No one takes my 20 dollars and does not give me a shirt!!!

I did not want to go and did not plan on walking. I know that was my plan because I did not eat anything before the race. I did drink a couple cups of chocolate milk, but that was it. I had a little trouble finding the church because I was looking for an actual church (don’t all churches have steeples?). This is a new church, so it is in an industrial building (of course, not once in the three times I drove past did I notice the huge banner or balloons ).

After checking in, I went to check out the Health Fair that the church was having along with the event in what is considered the church sanctuary. (Note: only the most devoted Sunday School student will understand my joke in the next sentence or two). While I am walking around I noticed some church members that were selling some lovely items that they made (jewelry, purses, etc). It was then that I BOLTED from the sanctuary. I was having NONE OF THAT for fear that Jesus himself would come in and start turning over the tables. I headed outside and started to get ready for the race.

While outside I hung out with my friend Hanover Jerry (he calls me “Girl whose sister went to Hanover for a year”) that I met previously at another race. He only did the 5K (wimp).

After being there for awhile, and grumbling to myself because the music was too loud, I decided I could AT LEAST do the 5K. After some beautiful singing, the MC said the 10K was going to start in 5 minutes so I decided to go ahead and do it since at least it started first (I am telling you my attitude was BAD).

While standing in the crowd of about 60 people I noticed 55 of them were runners. The following are the thoughts that were going through my head.

“Oh great, there are only 5 of us and the other 4 are probably fast walkers. I will probably get lost and have to call someone to come and pick me up.”

“Hmph! Those 2 girls over there are not even going to finish. They have a PUPPY with them. Ugh!”

“Those other two ladies are definitely walkers. They have jackets. Runners don’t wear jackets. Maybe I can keep up with them.”

Well, I the race began and I was doing well. My pace was about 16:30 so I wanted to slow down a bit so as not to tire out my knees, but I was last and there was a POLICE CAR tailing me. Finally, we got to where we could go to the sidewalk. As predicted, the puppy walkers bailed at Mile 1.

Around Mile 2.5 there was a water stop and the 2 other ladies were talking about that they were probably not going to finish. Let me just say, that put the fear in me at that point! I was thinking; “YOU HAVE TO FINISH! I CANNOT DO THIS BY MYSELF!” So, I started talking them into at least going into the park with me since that is where the walk was to go and then turn around.

Well, either my sarcastic wit or my undying charm helped them as much as they helped me by just being there. We had a lovely time talking and made it to the halfway point and the next water stop.

They were still talking about not finishing at the second water stop, but I was quick to point out that they were going to have to walk back anyway. Of course, I did not realize how many hills we had walked DOWN on the way to the park and now we had to walk UP them.

Our pace was relatively quick on the way back until the TRAIN. Yes, a TRAIN stopped us. I thought I took a picture of the train, but it was not in my phone. You will just have to believe me on this. A TRAIN STOPPED US less than a mile from the finish line. For that, I took 5 minutes off of my time!

We ended up finishing in 1:47….CORRECTION: 1:42.

However, my time spent with my two new friends Lynda and Christine was the best part. They were a lot of fun and I hope to do another walk with them in the near future.

Til Next Week,

P.S. I posted early this week, but I will update my weight loss and other stats on the blog after seeing Dr. Pita and Salmonella Sally later in the day on Wednesday.

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Wednesday, April 8

April 8, 2009 - Big Brother (PT Bruiser)

Hello All,

Well, 1984 is here. For those that do not know what I am referring to I give you a few more names/examples for what I am discussing.

*Big Brother
*End of Personal Liberties
*Thoughts and Actions Watched by "The Man"

I met with PT Bruiser (the Personal Trainer) and we discussed what my next goal should be after the Mini. I need to have a goal in place before Dr. Pita asks about it again.

You might recall about year ago I did a Polar Body Assessment. Well, we decided that I will pick something from my assessment to be a fitness goal. More than likely, I will work toward a certain body fat percentage by a certain date. This will allow me to try new activities and do them wherever this summer.

Well, want to know part of the deal?!?!? I get a Polar Body Watch which tracks what I do during the week and PT Bruiser uploads it to the computer. SHE WILL KNOW IF I DID MY WORKOUTS!!! Not only will she know if I did my workouts, but she will know how HARD I worked out. Oh my, talk about accountability. Dr. Pita will be soooooo excited about this one! I may not tell him.

I can already tell this is going to create A LOT of fodder for the blog.

Til Next Week,

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Wednesday, April 1

April 2, 2009 - Dr. Pita Sometimes Thinks He Is Funny

Hello All,

This is actually an update to the April 1st post. It took me this long to figure out what happened in my appointment earlier today. When I went into my appointment I was not in the best of moods. I really did not want to get out of bed and the last thing I wanted to do was see the Social Worker and Dr. Pita, but I went.

Later in the day I went to acupuncture and it was there that I replayed in my head what Dr. Pita had said earlier in the day. I soooo wish I had been paying more attention so I could have zinged a good comment to his remark.

Dr. Pita had a Resident with him doing his rounds. We shall call him Baby Doc. The following is the conversation that occurred half way through my visit with Dr. Pita and Baby Doc.

Dr. Pita; "Do you mind if I brag on you a bit?"

Me; "No, I am not in the best of moods so it might perk me up."

Dr. Pita scribbles because apparently he cannot do math in his head. I forgive him; he is not an Astronaut.

Dr. Pita; "Kristi has lost 64 pounds."

Me; "Technically 65 pounds, but I gained a pound back. Of course, all in about a year."

Dr. Pita: "But whose counting?"

Me; "Some people have lap band surgery and do not do that well."

Baby Doc; "And you do not have any scars!"

Dr. Pita; "No, but I sure have them."

Til Next Week,

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April 1, 2009 - Untitled (Because I cannot think of a good one)

Hello Readers!
I apologize. My thoughts are a bit fragmented this week.

Well, Dr. Pita was “harsh” with me today about my McDonald’s Cherry Pie eating. Hmph! I guess I deserved that. He mentioned something about my stress levels and my carbohydrate cravings. I should have said; ”Have you met Sam?” I started eating the cherry pies a couple days after my sister left for India and left behind Sam and his two lovely sisters. Now, I love Sam dearly, but he can make ANYONE want a cherry pie...daily.

Sam just does not know how to cope when his Mommy is out of town so he left me “presents” every day. Two to three times a day I would have a nice steaming package.

Now that Sister is back my cherry pie cravings are gone. For those interested in learning more about India feel free to check out her blog here.

All this walking is making me constantly sore and tired. Most days I can push through it, but some days it is a lot harder than others. I still worry about meeting the pace of the Mini Marathon, but I am determined to finish, even if I have to walk on the sidewalk to do it!

I recently encountered a goose that thought he owned the trail in Franklin. After a game of “chicken” with the goose, I learned that he was right! Ahhh, such is the life of a walker.

Due to my carbohydrate cravings and my muscle building I was only down a half pound, but my patootie is in a different place. Seriously! It is a little higher than it used to be. Hopefully, I did not have a peeping Tom outside the window when I figured this out the other day or he would have seen some weird happenings through the window!

For those that have not noticed, I have a statistics counter at the bottom of the page. This counter tells me how people find my blog. Sometimes the results are from Google searches. The following are the funniest ways that people recently found my blog.

*Pork and Bean Cake
*Theme Song for Get Fit Challenge
*Tammy’s New Boyfriend
*Coromega Fans

Til Next Week,

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