What Works for Me

Update 12/30/18:

*I surround myself with people that display the healthy-life characteristics I am looking to make permanent in my life.
*I remember to take care of ME first. (Not to be confused with being selfish).
*I find solutions that currently work in my particular life (e.g. gym close to work).
*I journal about my day to track what works or does not work.
*I have the right mindset 80% of the time.
*I track my food and exercise (My Fitness Pal and a Google Tracking for Personal Trainer).
*I practice self discipline.
*For the most part, I know what I am going to eat before the day starts or adjust accordingly.
*I have accountability: blog, friends, Social Worker, family, and personal trainer.
*I set long and short-term goals.
*I read and learn more about Healthy living.
*I listen to Healthy Living Podcasts.
*I have the support of family, friends, and co-workers.