Wednesday, June 22

June 22, 2011 - Been Caught Slacking

Hi All,

There are a lot more people in Boot Camp class since Tabata Tod sold a Groupon for Indy Boot Camp classes. I am enjoying meeting all of the new people and hope many of them stick it out even though they are in pain or feel sick the first week. Of course, I feel ill once a week, that never goes away for me. LOL!

Now that class has quite a few more people there is an electric energy that really gets me pumped up and moving. It was this week that I finally noticed how far that I have come in my fitness level. Due to my knees there will always be a few things that will cause me trouble (running and jumping). For the most part, I can last a lot longer at many of the exercises; I have defined muscles (under and around my fat LOL!); and my cardiovascular is definitely TONS better.

Well, this morning I DID NOT want to get out of bed AT ALL! I laid there for a few minutes and finally pried myself off the sheets and into workout clothes. Once in class I did not want to workout, either. All I really wanted to do was take a nap.

So, my devious little brain concocted a plan. It would be EASY for me to take little breaks. There are TONS of people in class. Certainly, Tabata Tod would be too busy to notice me slacking off just a tad bit. I surmised he should focus on the new people.

We did wall sits. Wall sits are when you put your back against the wall and do a squat. Well, I was tired. I went down just a little. I figured "The Bobs" were in the way, Tabata Tod would not notice. But nooooooooooo he walked over to our area. FOILED! I immediately scooched all the way down. I knew if I did not do the exercise right there was a strong possibility he might SIT on me to get me to do it. I apparently squatted low enough to impress the people on either side of me. LOL! I CAN do it when I WANT to, apparently.

Then it was time to do leg bridges. Remember, I HATE LEG BRIDGES!!! Due to the size of the class not everyone can do leg bridges at the same time so there were people standing between Tabata Tod and me. I activated my TODAR (works like RADAR) and established that Tabata Tod was across the room with at least 6-7 people blocking his view. I decided to take a teeny weeny minuscule break (reality: I sat out a round). The next thing I heard was; "COME ON, KRISTI!"

I learned something new about Tabata Tod today....HE HAS X-RAY VISION! No more slacking for me. 

Til Later,
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Monday, June 13

June 13, 2011 - Surviving Boot Camp 101

Tabata Tod (who is enjoying having a Voodoo doll in his likeness) recently sold a TON of Groupons.  Since there will be several boot camp newbies I am using my blogging space to share how to get through Boot Camp. The following are my top 10 tips.

  1. Expect no sympathy from Tabata Tod. Unless you fall over dead he is just going to tell you to quit being a wimp.
  2. Don't look Tabata Tod directly in the eyes. Treat him like you would a wild animal. Let him be in charge. It is just best that way.
  3. Do not say you like OR dislike an exercise. You are drawing attention to it no matter what you say. Be ambivalent.
  4. Become buddies with your fellow classmates. There is safety in numbers.
  5. All exercises start out easy. It is the repetition that kills. Take rests when Tabata Tod has his back to you.
  6. Practice passive-aggressive behavior. It is cathartic. For example, inadvertently drop your kettlebell right where Tabata Tod is going to walk.
  7. The lights are not flickering in the building. You got up too fast.
  8. Get mad. It really does help get through some of the more difficult exercises. Personally, I have a hard time with this, but when I do get mad...*POW*...I kick booty!
  9. Fight to the death not to have Tabata Tod as your partner for buddy exercises. Trust me on this one.
  10. Use your Tabata Tod Voodoo Doll.  It helps.

Til Next Time,

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Wednesday, June 8

June 8, 2011 - Revenge!

Hello All!

Well, I finally broke. I reached a boiling point with Tabata Tod.  If he made me do one more Leg Bridge I was going to seriously consider homicide. Until the simple word of Voodoo popped into my head.

So...I took 10 minutes and made this.....

Yes!  You guessed it!  It is my very own Tabata Tod Paper Voodoo Doll!  Personally, I find it to be an amazing likeness. Another Boot Camper mentioned that he looks like Sid from Toy Story so I used that face.  I then added his ever present Nikes and camouflage shirt.  Voila! Tod!

Last night I went to class armed with my new weapon. Tabata Tod did not appear too phased by my plan, but I was not to be deterred.

Sure enough. He made us do leg bridges.  So...I pulled off a leg.  I then gently placed my paper voodoo doll next to my mat as a warning.  When he walked by he saw it, but did a nice job acting like it did not bother him at all that he was missing a leg.

I watched him intently for the next few minutes. I detected a slight limp. Was it working? I thought so. However, sometimes Tabata Tod is not the brightest bulb in the box, he then made us do Mountain Climbers and Burpees. What?!?! I warned you Tabata Tod! So...I pulled off the other leg.

The next time he walked by my mat he sighed heavily. It was probably the pain in his legs causing the exhale. Again, he appeared not to be aware of what my voodoo was doing to him. He made us do leg bridges on the medicine ball!  So...I pulled off an arm.

At the end of class this is what was left of my Tabata Tod Voodoo doll.

As I left class I saw Tabata Tod stretching that arm.  Take THAT Tabata Tod!

Til Next Time,
Kristi Sue

Up next time...PT Bruiser's Voodoo Doll!

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