Saturday, September 26

September 26, 2009 - Mill Race Race

Hello All,

Yes. I am actually posting an additional blog entry this week, because I want to fill you in on how my first "race" since the Mini turned out. In case you missed it, I added to my physical fitness goals to try to do a walk in every county in Indiana. No doubt this will take awhile to accomplish.

All of the races I previously took part in were in Marion County. So, I am seeking out races in other counties. Today, I took part in the Mill Race Race in Columbus.

I was a tad worried at the start line since I had not taken part in one in 4 months. I stretched and was ready to go. As normal, my goal was to finish. I always have a secondary goal of finishing no worse than second to last.

The walk traversed the city streets of Columbus and wound around through the absolutely beautiful Mill Race Park. I strongly recommend you walk the paths in this park, it is very nice and picturesque.

As I waited at the start line I decided to take an instant dislike to two ladies pushing strollers. I decided that my goal was to finish ahead of the stroller ladies. In order to do this I made sure to start ahead of them as well!

It wasn't long before we were at a marker that said '1'. I was very excited! I realized at the time that I could still do this. While I had not been on any walks longer than a couple of miles in a while, I still was not phased by the longer distances. I was psyched!!!


I hear a man tell his wife; "Well, in about 3 tenths of a mile we will be at mile 1." What?!?!?!?!?!?! Apparently, the '1' I saw was for the 15K. They started farther back than we did. Ugh!

I checked my watched and realized the first mile I did in about 16 minutes. I slowed down a tad as I felt that was too fast for my aching knee.

At about 2 miles the ladies pushing strollers passed me. That made me MAD! However, I said to myself; "You will catch up to them, just do not let them get too far ahead."

At this point I am working up a good sweat and am breathing relatively heavy. I was at the zone where I would not be able to hold a conversation. Of course, stroller lady 1 and 2 were just talking, talking, and talking to each other. Evil Kristi said to me; "I do not like them. They need to be quiet! No one cares that since they are not able to run they are not breaking a sweat."

I then hear behind me; "I am following the lady in the hot pink! She will not get lost." At this point we are in the deep woods of the park. Apparently, the lady fast approaching was taking part in her first 5K. She also has fibromyalgia. Good for her in doing the 5K! This did nothing for my self esteem though. She at one point told me to get moving as she was about to catch up to me!

At mile 2 I checked my watch and deducted that I was at an 18 minute mile. Okay, I decided I needed to kick it up just a little bit. And then...

A HILL! What?!?!? No one said anything about hills??!? (Moment of truth: It was actually an incline).

I get passed by two young girls ages approximately 10 and 7. Double ugh! They were also smiling. Triple ugh! I wanted to say; "Well, at least your parents cannot keep up with you either."

I made it to mile 3 and decided to let the stroller ladies finish before me. They probably would have broken down and had a rotten day if I ended up passing them (that's my story and I am sticking to it!).

At the end I found that this was the BEST RACE EVER! There was of course the normal free fruit and nuts. However, there was an extra special treat at the end of this one. Corn on the Cob - Oaxaca Style. You DEFINITELY need to try this at home.

All in all it was a great race. Of course, the two stroller ladies will never know how I kept them from having their self-esteem deflated.

Til Wednesday,
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Wednesday, September 23

September 23, 2009 - 75 and Counting....

Hello All,

Finally, I hit the next milestone....I have now lost 75 pounds. Woo hoo!!!

Before I went today, I knew that I was going to reach the magical number, but I did hold my breath when the scale was calculating. It registered RIGHT ON 75 pounds. Good thing I did not drink or eat anything before my appointment !

The appointment was relatively uneventful. Well, with the exception of when I decided that instead of playing with the rolling chair while waiting on the doctor, I would play "drums" on the counter and windowsill. I had quite the routine going until it was ruined by the entrance of Mr. ICanWeartheSamePantsIWoreInHighSchool (aka Dr. Pita).

Let's see...

I was asked if I had started training. Yes, I have, thank you very much. I even have a plethora of people that might be going with me when I walk the half marathon in New Orleans.

I was asked if I had gone to get a new knee brace. No, I will make that appointment, but that would require going to see Family Doc who is then going to make me do all my yearly tests, too. Ugh! I also do not feel like having my knee touched right now, unless of course Future Husband wanted to touch it then that would be a DIFFERENT story (future husband info here).

I was informed that I was in an entirely different mood than last time. Yes, I am. Grrr. Don't start something with me today. I like this mood...trying to keep it.

Then I saw Salmonella Sally (Salmonella Sally info here)...

In a nutshell, I am still not doing well at refusing the high fat foods for breakfast, primarily. SOOOO...this is the goal that I am going to tell you all about and report back next week.


We will see if this keeps me from swinging by for fast food in the morning on the way to work. I also am going to keep some sandwiches at work for when I have my evening activities so that I can put them in my purse to eat later.
Note: I do believe the young man at McDonald's might miss me. We have developed such a friendship. Of course, I am not sure he is old enough to work there. He appears to be 12 years old.

In other news...

I am about to embarrass myself. I need new pants. Today I spent most of the day trying to keep these pants above my hips. Fortunately, my friend at work said she was not embarrassed to walk down the street with me! Thankfully!

I am about to enter a new phase in my stone collection (click here for more information). Apparently, now I will get a "jewel" for each pound lost. I will be sure to post a picture when I get my first one!

Remember the puzzle ring I bought last fall? It was tight. Well, either I am able to stretch silver or I have even lost weight in my fingers. Now, my rings do not fit.
Off to find a man to buy me a ring...

Til Next Week,

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Wednesday, September 16

September 16, 2009 - I Walk Because I Can

Hello Everyone,

I do not think I have any funny stories to share this week. Of course, I am going to see Dr. Pins and Needles my long time blog readers know my experiences with acupuncture can provide quite a bit of fodder.

Well, I started training for the Half Marathon coming up in February. Since my plan is to train differently I am adding in additional strength and stretching sessions to succeed. PT Bruiser will absolutely be watching my every move during this round of training!

Now, Dr. Pins and Needles is on board as well. He is ready with the long needles if I manage to pull the wrong muscles or cause myself some undo pain.

Of course, I am sure Dr. Pita will always have his two cents during the training. I am starting to think I have allowed his opinion to have a wheeeee bit too much influence in my life. Ah, well. He is "Big Brother." I also feel better, have lost weight, and have some of my "zest for life" back!

My long-time blog readers know that in order to complete the Half Marathon the first time, I solicited and received pledges for the charity of the donor's choice. A lot of what kept me at the training plan and fueled my dedication was the fact I was doing it for someone other than myself. Someone or some organization was going to get a charitable donation because of me crossing the finish line.

Well, it still is just as important for me to work hard at my training and complete the half marathon, but I do not feel that I NEED to cross. When I walked the first time, I absolutely without a doubt had to cross that finish line. I had worked so hard to accomplish what I did that not crossing would have probably devastated me. Thankfully, with all the tenacity I could muster, I crossed.

This past weekend, I was again given a wakeup call and reminded how fragile we all are. I will now complete half marathons because I can. Many people cannot perform in endurance races because they truly cannot and no matter how are they were to try would not be able to..given the hand that God has given them. It is for these people that I will walk.
I will walk because I CAN!

I will walk for:
-Those that arthritis is trying to overtake their bodies, but they continue on and show me what truely living is all about.

-Those that suffer from neurological disorders, but keep their true spirit and zest for life.

-Those that do not have shoes, but walk miles every day because they have to in order to meet life's necessities.

-Those who have such flat feet that every step causes considerable pain.

-Those that deserve medals, not because they completed a run/walk event, but because they used a different kind of mettle to fight for their lives.

-Those that just cannot do it no matter how hard they would try.

-Those that may not have been as truly blessed as much as me.

Here are some organizations that you should feel free to check out.
Changing Footprints

Til Next Week,

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Wednesday, September 9

September 9, 2009 - Conversations

Date: September 2, 2009
Time: Approximately 9:00 AM
Setting: Patient Room, Dr. Pita has just read that I gained 3.5 pounds in two weeks.

Dr. Pita: How are things going?
Me: Eh, okay. Not eating as well as I should. Not really binge eating, just not eating right. Too many fatty foods. However, I did not really gain 3.5 pounds there is no way I overate by 1000 calories a day.
Dr. Pita: According to the numbers you are up 3.5 pounds of fat.
Me: No I am not. The scale is wrong. I think I am bloated, but I am not up 3.5 pounds of fat. Nope, nope, nope.
Dr. Pita: (Heavy Sigh)
Me: (Smiling an innocent smile)
Dr. Pita: Exercising?
Me: Yeah.
Dr. Pita: Hmmmm...I think you should do the Mini Marathon again next year.
Me: Nah, I have done it.
Dr. Pita: I REALLY think you should do the Mini Marathon again.
Me: It hurt A LOT! Remember? I my knee cap dislocated on the track and I still had 5 miles to go. It hurt. Besides, I have done it. Why do it again?
Dr. Pita: You will get a new knee brace and do it again.
***The sound of Dr. Pita scribbling in his chart.
***The sound of my brain churning with thoughts such as: let's see YOU do a half marathon with a bum knee Mr. ICanWearTheSamePantsIWoreInHighSchool.
Me: It hurt.
Dr. Pita: I want to see you in one week.
Me: Grrrrr...

Date: September 9, 2009
Time: Approximately 10:00 AM
Setting: Patient Room, Dr. Pita has just read that I lost 3.5 pounds in one week.

Dr. Pita: So, what do you think was different this week.
Me: Nothing. I still am not eating perfect, but my calories per day are better.
Dr. Pita: Well it looks like you are doing better.
Me: I told you I did not gain 3.5 pounds! It was just bloating.
***The sound of Dr. Pita ignoring me.
Dr. Pita: So, what else is new?
Me: I am signing up for the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans at the end of February.
Dr. Pita: Good!
Me: Yeah, I was thinking I could have a goal to do a 5K in every county in Indiana and a half marathon in every State.
Dr. Pita: That's a good goal.
Me: PT Bruiser is not happy.
Dr. Pita: Why?
Me: She thinks I am going to get hurt and then I will be out of commission awhile.
Dr. Pita: You need to train properly and get a new knee brace. If you were to get hurt you still would need to exercise, just differently.
Me: I know. I am going to go have my walk analyzed with a Physical Therapist and get the expert advice on what I should do. I also am going to concentrate more on strength and stretching and less on mileage per day.
Dr. Pita: Sounds great!
Me: Grrr...
Dr. Pita: See you in two weeks.
Me: Yippee!!!

Date: September 9, 2009
Time: Approximately 10:30 AM
Setting: Salmonella Sally, RD Office

Salmonella Sally: So, I haven't seen you in a long time!
Me: I have been meeting with the Social Worker.
Salmonella Sally: Ahhhh! Let's take a look at your food logs.
Me: We don't need to do that (said fearfully).
Salmonella Sally: You are eating way too much fast food.
Me: Hmmm...
Salmonella Sally: You need to do better at breakfast.
Me: Yeah...
Salmonella Sally: Try the Jimmy Dean Lite Breakfast Bowls.
Me: OK
Salmonella Sally: Set a goal to only eat out a certain number of times during the week.
Me: OK
Salmonella Sally: Anything else going on?
Me: Dr. Pita is making me walk a half marathon.
Salmonella Sally: He is MAKING you? (said doubtfully)
Me: Really, he is. Look in my chart.
Salmonella Sally: Huh, he IS making you.
Me: Told you. He is mean.

Til Next Week!

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Tuesday, September 1

September 2, 2009 - Intervention

Hello All,

In the morning I have an appointment with Dr. Pita and the Social Worker. I will also get weighed. I more than likely have gained weight. Most weight will be bloating, but there may be a pound gained back.

Even if I have not gained any weight, I must admit I have not been doing that well. This up and down a pound for the past couple of months has got to stop. I am not as upset about gaining a pound or two as the fact that I do not feel as well and I am not doing all the healthy things I need to do.

I could come up with a zillion excuses, if I tried. However, I do not believe that excuses are worth the space on the page. I just have not been taking care of myself as I should.

Now, when you reach a dilemma like this I figure that there are a few options.

  • Give Up
  • Try Doing the Same Thing and Hope that It Gets Better, but Complain About It the Entire Time
  • Use an Intervention
Well, I am not going to give up. I might as well buy the Long Term Care Insurance and plan the funeral expenses now. Giving up would mean that I would never feel well and not have the quality of life that I deserve and desire.

Obviously, what I am doing now is not working. If a person is not happy and things are not working it is important to take ownership and fix it. What good is it to keep venting and not fix the problem?


I am going to shake things up a bit. First off, I am going to start trying visualization techniques. This is where I will visualize in the morning that I am eating correctly, that I am working out, and the other things I need to do to be and stay healthy. I read somewhere that this is helpful for people trying to accomplish lasting lifestyle changes. It also is proven to help athletic performance. Who knew?

I also will be working on what my next physical fitness goal needs to be. Next week PT Bruiser and I are going to meet twice so I am hoping she can help me fill out the Physical Fitness Challenge thing I found on the internet so I can have that as my year-end goal.

In order to have some accountability for getting back and staying on track, I am going to post my food and exercise journals publicly. You may view my journal by clicking on the following link. The link takes you to Sparkpeople. Much like this blog has kept me on track, I believe the journal will as well.

Feel free to ignore (grin), critique, or even yell at me as I work through this latest challenge.

Til Next Week,

P.S. The picture is of my sister's dog, Zorra. It is such a cute picture; I had to share. Yes, she always looks that serious.

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