Friday, January 28

January 28, 2011 - This Just In

Now that I am no longer under the thumb of Tabata Tod in my blog posts, let the fun begin now.

Note: Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I was never Tod’s lackey in my posts for I am quite I am an opinionated person (even though my opinion changes by the second). Just ask Dr. Pita, Dr. Pins and Needles, and PT Bruiser.

Well, my freedom now grants me the opportunity to share a painful memory in my first month at Boot Camp. ((Insert sigh and tear here)).

Some of you may recall that my lovely and caring co-workers bought me forty (yes, FORTY) pairs of socks for my fortieth birthday. I believe they did this because it was a way to support my 5K, 10K, and half marathon training efforts. There are all sorts of socks in the bunch. One day to Boot Camp I wore a lovely bright orange and green pair made for a Multiple Sclerosis Walk somewhere.

Tabata Tod poked fun at my odd socks.

Well, my sister brought me a pair back from vacation just for Boot Camp.

Yes, that’s right. They say; “BITE ME.”


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Thursday, January 27

January 27, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 12: Month in Review

I made it a month in Boot Camp! To celebrate I created a list of the Reasons I Like Boot Camp at Indy Boot Camps.

I am losing weight.
I am down 6 pounds (using my scale) from the first day of Boot Camp.

My body fat is shrinking.
I am down 3% body fat.

I am losing inches.
Several of my body parts are getting smaller.

I am getting to work earlier which means I get to leave earlier.
This is really freaky to some of my co-workers. They used to know they were really late if I beat them to work. They no longer have me as that gauge anymore. Good!

I like everyone in my class. They all make me laugh.
Misery loves company.

I sometimes start the day in a bad mood, but after working out at Boot Camp I am normally in a good mood.
Today I arrived ready to either cry or start an argument with the first person to look at me wrong, but by the time we got halfway through the first interval I was laughing and smiling. Sweat must take the bad mood right out of ya!

It is a good addition to my training plan for the Half Marathons and Marathon I would like to do in the next year.
Boot Camp is definitely providing me with greater strength and also firming up my core. 26.2 miles is a long way to go with weak abs!

Reasons I Do Not Like Boot Camp
Sometimes Tod has to be your partner in the Buddy exercises. You see, if another one of the troop members is your partner they will not rat you out to Tod if you are not into the exercise that day. Tod does not take excuses. Drat!

Til Next Week,
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Wednesday, January 26

January 26, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 11: Frustration and Resolve

Hello All,

Yep. Day 11 at Indy Boot Camps.


I wanted to vomit. My knees were hurting. I had a cramp in my hamstring. Tears were forming.  I was frustrated. I thought it was supposed to get easier.

And then....

Mr. Mean Tod stuck his hand out and made me push a little harder. I needed to drop a little farther on a pushup. I glared at that stupid hand and envisioned smacking Tod. However, in an instant I accepted the challenge. I developed the resolve to go a little lower. Sure enough, I did it! Maybe not as far as I was being encouraged, but I accomplished a small instantaneous goal. My frustration immediately lifted.

The moral from Boot Camp today is:

"You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can." -Jimmy Carter

Til Tomorrow,

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Monday, January 24

January 24, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 10:Tabatas

Hello Everyone,

Today I was not “feeling it” at Boot Camp. I worked out, but just not with the same passion as the other days. Granted, I am fighting off a bit of a funk, but still….something was missing. Well, it was Tod’s fault. Seriously, all his fault. Not that he didn't try really hard to make up for it.

Remember how when I first started at Indy Boot Camps I *might* have poked a teensy bit of fun at the recording that counts down the sets for the exercises? Well, Tod forgot the Tabata CDs this morning and much to my surprise I missed my favorite Disembodied Voice.

At Indy Boot Camps Tabatas are used to pace the exercises. Tabatas are a form of interval training created by this guy from Japan (named Tabata). Basically, you perform at a high intensity for a small set period of time (e.g. 20 seconds) and then rest for a small period of time (e.g. 10 seconds). My understanding is that they are very effective at improving cardiovascular health and for fat burning.

In order to incorporate the Tabatas and make it fun, Tod uses soundtracks from BJ Gaddour (I might have a name for my favorite Disembodied Voice). More information is found at

I enjoy the Boot Camp at Indy Boot Camps more than any other I attended primarily because I find Tod funny; and the soundtracks with the Disembodied Voice keep you pumped up. Occasionally, I do think that the soundtrack is from a bad House Party, but this thought it fleeting because I have to keep up with the interval.

Well, that’s all for today.

Til Wednesday,

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Friday, January 21

January 21, 2010 - Boot Camp Day 9: Tabata Tod Theme Song

Hello All,
In honor of being down another pound and percentage body fat, I bring to you the Tabata Tod Theme Song written by yours truly only moments ago.

The Theme Song is sung to the Mighty Mouse Theme Song heard in the following YouTube Video.

Tabata Tod will save the day,
Tabata Tod will help change what you weigh!
Tod will give it the Tabata might,
Tabata Tod will join the fight!
Stubborn fat never hangs around,
when it hears the Tabata sound!

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Thursday, January 20

January 20, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 8: Boot Camp at Home

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there was not a Boot Camp class yesterday, at my location, so I had to improvise at home. The following is a rendition of my private Boot Camp I created for myself. It is also the reason I like attending in person my Boot Camp sessions at Indy Boot Camps.

1st Exercise

Plan: Perform a Plank for 20 seconds, run down the hall, perform Mountain Climbers for 20 seconds, run back down the hall, and repeat for a period of 5 minutes.

Result: Plank for 20 seconds, ran down the hall, tripped over the cat, performed Mountain Climbers for 20 seconds, ran back down the hall, and jumped over the cat. Repeat.

2nd Exercise

Plan: Perform crunches for 20 seconds, run down the hall, perform push-ups for 20 seconds, run back down the hall, and repeat for a period of 5 minutes.

Result: Performed crunches for 20 seconds while battling with a terrier, ran down the hall with the terrier, performed push-ups for 20 seconds while being “humped” by and terrier, and ran back down the hall. Repeat

3rd Exercise

Plan: Triceps Dips for 20 seconds, Rows for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat for 5 minutes.

Result: Triceps Dips for 20 seconds, Rows for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, Triceps Dips for 20 seconds, chased the dog, grabbed the resistance bands, pulled the cat off the resistance bands. Repeat

4th Exercise

Plan: Squats for 20 seconds, Leg Kick Backs for 20 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, and repeat for 5 minutes.

Result: Squats for 20 seconds, Leg Kick Backs for 10 seconds, “humped” by the dog. Quit.

Til Tomorrow (or tonight),

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Monday, January 17

January 17, 2011 – Boot Camp Day 7: Wii Fit vs. Boot Camp

Boot Camp is going well. I can feel some muscles working better than they have in a long time. I am  also  noticing that some of the exercises are getting a little easier as well. For today’s post I bring you…

Why I like Indy Boot Camps better than the Wii Fit

1)         The first day of Boot Camp Tod did not blow up into a big balloon to show me how fat I am.
2)         I do not have to coordinate holding a nunchuk, balance on a board and touch my toes all at the same time (okay, MAYBE when doing an exercise on the BOSU ball).
3)         Tod’s lips move when he speaks. It freaks me out that the personal trainers on the Wii do not move their lips when giving instructions.
4)         Tod does not get snarky and say things like; “Didn’t really work up a sweat there did you?”
5)         My fellow troop members at Indy Boot Camps do not have freakishly large heads. Seriously, why are their heads so big on the Miis?

Til Wednesday,

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Thursday, January 13

January 13, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 6: Physics

Hi All,

One of the exercises we do in an Indy Boot Camp session is a Group Sit-up. I get excited because it is the last exercise of the class!  A group sit-up is when troop members lock arms and perform a sit-up all in a line.

I believe everyone in the class is better at a group sit-up than I am, so I incorporate Physics into my routine.  I get to the end of the line, wrap my arm around my leg, use my patootie as a fulcrum, and depend on the forward motion to pop me into the sit-up. My Mama raised no dummy!

Apparently, Tod of Indy Boot Camps does not believe in Physics and tries to stop me from my testing of Physics principles. Physics is a bad thing to practice when trying to get trimmer and lose weight. Why did I have to take the class in college if I cannot use it in my every day life?!?!  Hmph!

We also did weigh-ins and measurements today. Since January 3rd my waist is an inch smaller, my weight is down 4 pounds, and my body fat percentage is down 1.5%. I am getting results by eating better and attending all my sessions at Indy Boot Camps.

I must apologize, but using the theory of equilibria (my co-workers twisted version of it) the result of me losing weight is causing someone out there to gain weight. Forgive me, but I do not want this extra weight anymore. I have a Marathon to train for this year!

Til Monday,
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P.S. The picture is of Sir Isaac Newton

Wednesday, January 12

January 12, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 5: My New Posse Member

Hi All,

For those new to my blog, you may not realize that in order to get and stay healthy I formed an army (sometimes referred to as my posse) to assist me in accomplishing what is required to lose weight and get healthier. My posse is quite large, but at certain points in time I add members or occasionally kick members to the curb. All posse members have differing skills and motivational tools that keep me on track.

Today I am going to focus on Portia and Tod.


Since Portia has a vested interest in if I win this struggle, and the fact that she likes having control, certain rules for my life were put in place as part of the Indy’s Biggest Loser at Indy Boot Camps. The rules are documented on a post-it in Portia’s cube, in her poor penmanship.

Much like when I first started losing weight, I am focused on gaining gems (see My Cup Runneth Over). These gems are actually plastic balls, but the fake stuff is quite lovely!

 I gain a gem when I do any of the following (all rules are subject change without notification):
  • In the office before 9:00 AM.
  • Attend Boot Camp.
  • Bring my lunch (and eat it) to work.
  • Each pound lost.
  • Each ½ percent body fat lost.
  • Have no fast food that day.
  • Attend a personal training session. 
I lose a gem when I do any of the following:
  • Drink a Diet Coke
  • If I am in the office after 9:30 AM.
  • Go to bed after 10:00 PM.
I have no idea why I am accumulating the gems, but arguing over whether I earned gems is a pleasurable pastime. Portia sure does like to be right!


Tod. Poor Tod. He did not know what he got himself into when he asked me to write about my experience at Indy Boot Camps. He was not quite aware how snarky I can be. I also love to take out my aggressions on my posse members. It is MY posse after all. LOL! Fortunately, I have only threatened to kick Tod once. Come on! I KNOW he can do a pull-up! Sheesh…

In reality, Tod is the reason I like Indy Boot Camps. He is motivational without being pushy. Tod knows just about how hard an individual troop member can work, but also if the troop member is slacking. I have pushed myself a little harder than I have in quite awhile. I also have never felt that just because a certain drill is beyond my capabilities that I am an idiot. Priceless!


Welcome Tod. You are the newest posse member! For better….or worse.

Til Tomorrow,
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Monday, January 10

January 10, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 4: Music and Boot Camp

Hello All,

I woke up this morning ready to rock it at Indy Boot Camps. On the way there I listened to my favorite songs and two songs I consider motivating. "Fat Bottomed Girls" from Queen and the polka hit; "She's Too Fat for Me" both make me giggle. 

When I got to Indy Boot Camps, Tod was playing a rendition of Ricky Martin's; "Livin' La Vida Loca." Of course, this is one of the songs I played on the way to Indy this morning because how can you not wake up when listening to the beat of that song?

Today I struggled  after about 40 minutes of Boot Camp. The room began to spin for some reason (could be lack of sleep), but the best thing to do is push through it. However, I was a bit discouraged because I thought the second week was supposed to be easier. At one point I fell to my knees (bruising my knee). The frustration lasted for the rest of the class. I did get excited when I checked my heart rate monitor in the car and noticed it documented that I burned 790 calories today!  Woot! Woot!

Guess what song was playing when I turned on the car...The Grateful Dead's; "Touch of Grey."

Sing it with me now!

"It's alright
I will get by
I will get by
I will get by
I will survive"

Quite appropriate...

Til Wednesday,
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Thursday, January 6

January 7, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 3: Transformations

 Hi All,

I notice in my Indy Boot Camp sessions that the individuals attending are from all walks of life. There are moms, dads, blue collar, white collar, unemployed, young, and forever young troop members. We unite for one purpose - to transform. The quest may involve the desire to look even more stunning for a wedding, to fit into a size 8, to just plain feel better, or to keep up with the children. 

I envy Tod, of Indy Boot Camp, for getting to see the changes and excitement that take place when a troop member completes a round of crunches for the first time or finally completes a full pull-up. I do not envy Tod for watching when occassionally a disappointed troop member does not make it to complete the month. Sometimes, in any aspect of life we quit when true change is just around the corner.

Today, I make the commitment to stick with the Indy Boot Camp sessions no matter obstacles may discourage me. When I am at my most frustrated I will lean on my troop members for support. I ask that my fellow troop members depend on me when they feel they cannot do one more crunch or those daggone pull-ups. We are in this together. I promise we will enjoy watching each other truly transform both physically and mentally. For change truly comes from the struggle to reach it.

Til Monday,

Wednesday, January 5

January 5, 2011 – Boot Camp Day 2: Indy’s Biggest Loser

Hello All!

I did make it to Boot Camp at Indy Boot Camps again this morning. I know it is hard to believe, but it actually has been relatively easy to get out of bed this week. O f course, getting ready for Sleepy Town at 8:00PM does help! Soon I will be hitting up restaurants for the 4:00PM early bird suppers.

As I mentioned on Monday, I signed up for the Indy’s Biggest Loser contest offered through, and as part of, Indy Boot Camps. It was on a lark that I decided to sign up for the competition. Basically, I followed the mantra “in for a penny, in for a pound.” However, I did not want to spend a pound.

So….I devised a plan.

My longtime blog readers will remember that as part of accomplishing the first Half Marathon I had people pledge to their favorite charity any dollar amount they wanted, but they had to tell me first. In the end I had over 1000 dollars pledged. The reason I did this was to create an insurance plan to finish the Mini Marathon. I had people “counting” on me to finish. Therefore, I was going to finish the half marathon no matter what happened.

On Monday, I had the same anxiety. I needed a motivation to complete, and compete in, the Indy’s Biggest Loser competition. The competition requires a 90 day commitment which is thirty-six 6:00AM boot camp sessions! DID YOU HEAR ME?!?! THIRTY-SIX days over the next 3 months I am to be out of the house by 5:15 AM, at the latest.

Portia was called in to assist. Through much negotiation and selling of my soul to Portia she agreed to the following (my entire original plan that was presented persuasively):

-She paid for the Indy's Biggest Loser competition and the remaining Indy Boot Camp classes.

-After I win, proceeds will be donated to the program Girls On the Run. If I do not win, I have to hand over the money for the competition from MY OWN MONEY!


The next three months of my life are now owned by (not just working hours, but my whole life) by my employer….

If you are also competing in Indy’s Biggest Loser please send me your name and address. As a gesture of camaraderie, I will sign you up for a Dessert of the Week Club (my treat)!

Til Tomorrow,

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Monday, January 3

January 3, 2011 – Boot Camp Day 1: The Concept

Hello All!

FCC Notice: As I mentioned last week, I am attending a Boot Camp at the invitation of the owner of Indy Boot Camps (Tod Esquivel).

The last time I wrote about Boot Camp there were a few of you that did not know what I was referring to in my post. I think I should explain the concept of a Boot Camp.

While Boot Camps vary per instructor, or company running the program, Boot Camps are primarily a high-intensity interval workout. The workouts include cardio as well as strength training. During a Boot Camp session most people will burn around 600 calories.

This morning I was up at 4:45 (let me know who won the gambling pool that I WOULD make it on time) to drive to Eagle Creek to take my first session with Indy Boot Camps. It was with trepidation that I entered for I knew what was to happen. In order to gauge the effectiveness and maintain motivation Tod took measurements including; inches, weight, and Body Fat. Fortunately, the scale did not differ much from PT Bruiser’s!

In a Boot Camp you warm up a little and then away you go….and by go...I mean GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not long until you hate the instructor (Tod). Now, in order to not have Boot Camp harder for me than normal over the next week (due to retaliation) , I chose to hate the guy calling the intervals on the recording played during the session. I called him Mr. Disembodied Voice. Mr. Disembodied Voice counts down intervals and shouts out how many intervals completed. However, I think Mr. Disembodied Voice is a liar. I think that he really does not know how to count. Several times I reached the count of 20 before he did.

Probably the exercise that reminded me most that I have a long way to go was the pull-up. I was relatively certain that I was going to; knock the bar onto my head, get a concussion, get amnesia, not remember where I live, and my sister would not claim me. (Insert heavy sigh here.)

I am sure you have some questions regarding how I did on day one. So….

How hard did I work out?

My heart rate monitor snapped off. My shoes flipped off my feet. My glasses fell to the floor. I almost tossed my breakfast burrito onto a fellow troop member.

How much fun did I have?

I had more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Of course, I do not know how monkeys have fun in a barrel, but we will go with this explanation.

What next?

Well, in an impulse move I signed up for Indy’s Biggest Loser. Check it out at  I will write more about Indy’s Biggest Loser on Wednesday, but I do want to say I am sponsored by my employer,
If I win any money (which of course I will) all proceeds will go to charity. I will announce the charity on Wednesday.

Happy New Year everyone!

Til Wednesday,

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