Saturday, December 31

December 31, 2011 - 2012 Goals

It has been a long time since I last posted. I have not been inspired. This year was a tough year. I struggled most of the year. I exercised, but I had a tough year eating right and keeping my mental state stable, so-to-speak. I am not going to dwell, but focus on my goals for 2012!

Here they are....

*Take 4 classes.

*Take meds and supplements every day.  90% rate.

*Journal food, exercise, feelings and miles walked.  90% rate.

*Go on trip late summer. Miraval?

*Attend boot camp M, W, Th. Success rate of 90%.

* Either attend Boot Camp or walk in a 5K on Saturdays except when agility trials, etc. Success rate of 90%

*Walk in two half marathons.

*Stretch every day. 

*Go to the office every work day unless planned time off.

*Six weeks of salary saved in emergency fund.

*Lose 52 pounds.

*Continuing documenting/designing

*Blog every other week.

*Do 2 volunteer events.

*Walk every day for at least 20 mins.

*Walk 800 miles by end of year.

*House finished.

*Do 6 new counties in the 92 county walk.

*Another trip in the fall.

*Swim (or some other light work out) on Tuesday's and Fridays. 90% success rate.

*Practice agility/rally 4-5 times a week.

*Clean a room every day (dust, etc).

*Keep up with laundry by doing it twice a week.

*Keep a maintenance schedule for house and car.

Once the new year rolls around I will post my goals for the month. I love this blog because it keeps me accountable. So...Happy New Year!!!

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