Thursday, March 24

March 24, 2011 - Boot Camp Commitment

This morning I attended the last session of the 12 week series of Indy Boot Camp sessions I started the first of January. Of course, being a contemplative person I have one thought that keeps coming to mind when I think about what I learned during my stint in this series of Boot Camp….

Interest vs. Commitment

I read in book that for any goal you have to think about if you are interested or committed to that goal. I think my personal experiences emphasize the difference between interest and commitment.

I started Boot Camp because Tod asked me to write about it. Honestly, I was petrified to agree to it since I am not a morning person, I did not like the last Boot Camp I attended, and at the time was in the throes of a deep funk. However, my overwhelming desire to push myself, see if my meds were really working, and belief that everything happens for a reason led me to agree.

I told myself that I was going to focus on exercise this year since I want to walk the Marathon next year. After one session of Boot Camp I signed up for 3 months worth of sessions. I made a promise to myself to attend all sessions. I proudly report to you that I did attend every Boot Camp day. I have a drop in body fat percentage to prove it.

This is commitment.

I also told myself that I was going to focus on losing weight again. I made a deal with Portia to donate money if I did not lose weight. Oh, I would lose a couple of pounds, gain them back, lose a couple more pounds gain them back. I never seriously kept track of my food, but would definitely get mad at the scale if I did not see what I wanted. I ended Boot Camp the same weight as I went in to Boot Camp.

Don’t get me wrong. I WANTED to lose more weight, but I was feeling okay. Life is good. I never took the time to plan my meals. I still ate healthy, but not for weight loss. I did not do everything I needed to do to see weight loss.

This is interest.

When you are interested the goal gets thrown aside for “special events.” When you are committed you climb over or knock obstacles down to reach your goal.

I reached my goal of attending all Boot Camp sessions. For that…I am proud.

I maintained my weight. For that…I am also proud.

What’s next?

1) I commit to attending all Boot Camp sessions for the next session.
2) I COMMIT to eating to lose weight for the next 10 weeks.

Take Care,

P.S. Sometime this weekend Part 2 of the Video Blog will be available!

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Tuesday, March 22

March 22, 2011 - Mayorship!

Hello All,

I have some very exciting news! I am now Mayor of Indy Boot Camps-Eagle Creek. The approximately 1000 square foot domain is now under my complete control (in my own mind) from 6:00 AM-7:00 AM, Monday through Thursday.  I now have governmental control over 12 stability balls, 15 exercise mats, 8 Lebert equalizers and Buddy Systems, several exercise bands, and tons of dumbbells and kettlebells. I also have 3 battling ropes!  In addition, I have contracted security forces from "The Bobs" (see photo)  that are part of the Karate center staff.

I plan on being a benevolent Mayor, but have several declarations that are now in effect.

I declare...
  • Only 6 rounds of Leg Bridges are allowed per Boot Camp session.
  • Medicine Ball Catches will be performed at all sessions until I consistently catch the ball.
  • Running is not necessary, nor encouraged. As Dr. Pita said; "You only need to run when you are being chased." This is a mantra to live by.
  • Kettlebell Swings (without rest) are forever banned.
  • Burpees should never be expected to be completed in less than 10 seconds each.
  • For every minute Tabata Tod arrives after 5:55 he must perform 10 push-ups. The Mayor so enjoys watching Tabata Tod do push-ups. LOL!
  • Eagle Creek Boot Campers that have not missed a day of Boot Camp in 3 months will receive a free Strawberry Margarita on Friday, March 25.
Note: For those folks that do not know how I could become mayor, I had the most check-ins on Foursquare. If you still don't know, look it up!  LOL!

Take Care,

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Thursday, March 17

March 17, 2011 - A Funk and What To Do About It

Note: For those that started reading my blog during the Indy Boot Camp series you will not have all of the background for this post.  Basically, the theme of my blog is to document living (or trying to live) a healthy lifestyle.. The healthy lifestyle I am trying to live not only encompasses trying to lose weight and exercise, but managing all aspects of my health also including mental and spiritual. This post is in regards to an abnormal problem I have with mood swings.

I am in a funk. It is a really good indication that your mental state is a bit "off" when you cry for almost an hour after leaving Boot Camp. Since Tabata Tod had not thrown a kettlebell at my head I knew the tears had nothing to do with Boot Camp. 

It is well known when I am in a funk by those that know me well.  Several of my friends at work have made comments and tried to offer some cheer. My sister gave me my birthday present early. Another friend sent me an online greeting. When a funk is not caused by anything external, these acts of kindness help, but are not the cure.

The goal originally set forth by Dr. Pita was to acknowledge that the funky and hyper moods will always be around, but I must learn to shorten their duration in order to minimalize their impact on my life. In order to accomplish this goal I must learn what triggers these funks. 

While crying in my car I realized what might have triggered this particular funk.  The following are the top candidates.

  • I am bored.  An idle mind is not a good thing.  Bad thoughts stack up and repeat.
  • The Japan earthquake and tsunami have caused me to beat myself up over even little "things" because I say to myself; "You are leading a charmed life. Think how awful it could be." I then start to cry for the suffering.
  • The hostility at the Statehouse by the union and non-union protestors. Just being around hostile people starts to wreck my mood. I have a tendency to be too empathetic.
Well, when confronted with a problem we should either tackle it or ride it out. In the past I would try to fight it in the wrong way or run from it.  First thing I am going to do is TURN OFF THE RADIO and not read the newspaper!

The second thing I am going to do is prepare for the next Peak based on the principles in Peaks and Valleys. Remember how I complained about that book?  Well, it has come back to haunt again.

Note: Peaks and Valleys is a story about how we all go through ups and downs. The key is how we prepare for each extreme that gets us through them smoother. I highly recommend this book. You can read what I originally thought of the book here.

Personal Training, Boot Camp, and Walking are now habits that get me through BOTH the Peaks AND Valleys. Even though I have been struggling I still make it to Boot Camp, Walking, and/or Personal Training.  For those that do not know me you would never understand that this is a major accomplishment in my life. I am able to exercise while in a funk. I am sure the exercise prevents the funks from getting worse. I believe the exercise has evened out the peaks and valleys.

During this time in the Valley, I am laying the ground work to prepare to focus on eating to LOSE weight not just MAINTAIN my weight during my next good or hyper mood.  Learning to eat for weight loss is a lot harder and requires preparation, concentration and energy. It requires a stay on the Peak.

I am living proof that I eat healthy. I have kept off A LOT of weight!  I learned many of the basic principles from Dr. Pita. I am going to take the lessons learned from Dr. Pita one step further by practicing some new principles about eating from reading the book The Metabolic Effect.

Over the next few weeks I will start to write more about my successes and failures with The Metabolic Effect. No worries, my posse members will still inspire me to write about them as well!  LOL!

Until then, I suggest turning off the television if you are starting to get a bit depressed. Do what you can to help the less fortunate, but you must remember to take care of yourself!  This was the lesson I hoped to convey today.

Take Care,
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Tuesday, March 15

March 15, 2011 - To My Fellow Morning Boot Campers

Dear Fellow Boot Campers;

I miss you.

Lately in Boot Camp I have been alone with Tabata Tod waaaaaaay too much. While I enjoy the personal attention, we are at a point that he has to go mute so as not to say anything that will get him smacked with a kettlebell.  It is imperative that my fellow Boot Campers return to class before Tabata Tod suffers a concussion.

Remember at the beginning of the year when we were all energetic about starting the year off right?   Let's pretend Wednesday March 16th is a new year and relive that enthusiasm.

Remember the fun we have starting the day off with pull-ups on the bar?   Just think how much easier it is to do a pull-up after this short time. Let's see if it can get even easier.

Remember the battling ropes? We can make it wave all the way down to our partners. Now we have a new move to try.  Come back to class and let's practice flicking the rope with our wrists.

Remember the commitment you made to yourself when you signed up for class?  Do not let yourself down!

Remember the Buddy Systems?  They are no fun without a buddy.

Remember handing over that check to Tod?  Don't make a donation.  Make Tod earn that money!

Above all, you owe it to society to come back to class. Tabata Tod and I are currently plotting our takeover of the world. You really do not want to live in a society where you have to do Tabatas to get a beer do you?

Hope to see y'all Wednesday.  Tod, the Bobs, and I miss you!

Forlorn but Hopeful,

Wednesday, March 9

March 9, 2011 - Boot Camp Update

Hello All,

Well, my own mother said to me; "Have you written a blog posting? You haven't written anything about working out."  What?!?!?  I did not know mom even read my blog!  I thought she preferred my sister's dog blog at  LOL!

I had hoped to have a new video blog for a 3 week check-in, but that task is not going to happen. I am more interested in completing my taxes so I can get some money for more exercise clothes. Since I am going to Boot Camp FOUR times a week, attending Personal Training, and training for the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon I am running out of clothes. I really only want to do laundry once a week.  LOL!  So the IRS takes precedence.

I did promise an update so here goes...
Medicine Ball Catch: I can catch the ball sometimes. This is a great improvement over the ball rolling away from me!
Pull-ups: I am going to need to see a video to determine if these have improved. If my new calluses are any indication I am hoping there is some improvement.
Push-ups: PT Bruiser has been giving me a bit of grief on my form, but I can do 8 push-ups in 8 seconds!
Burpees: I cannot almost "ee", but not "burp."
Pounds Lost: My weight keeps fluctuating up and down anywhere from 0-10 pounds lost.  I am having trouble with cutting calories, but my body fat percentage has dropped 4-5% (I think).

The most interesting change is the drop in my resting heart rate.  My resting heart rate has dropped from 72 to 60 beats per minute.  I assume that is a good thing.  My heart is not having to work as hard. I don't think anything has got my heart pumping more than Boot Camp or when the UPS man shows up at the house.  Ha!

Take Care Everyone,
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Thursday, March 3

March 3, 2011 - Leg Bridges

Hello All,

This week was first week of Boot Camp 4 times a week. In addition, I had Personal Training with PT Bruiser twice this week. this morning I had attended Boot Camp 3 times and had 1 personal training session. I was tired.  Exhausted enough to e-mail Tabata Tod that I would not be joining class in the morning, but would attend the evening class instead.

All day I prayed to the exercise gods that I would not have to do leg bridges. My hamstrings were killing me. Anything but leg bridges would be okay with me. Fortunately, PT Bruiser let me get by with a stretching session in anticipation that I would get my butt kicked at Boot Camp.

On the drive to Indy Boot Camps I kept praying to the exercise gods. I even made a deal that I would do ANYTHING not to do leg bridges. I would be good. I would not talk trash to Tabata Tod. I would work really hard at everything else. I begged for NO LEG BRIDGES! I was willing to take ANYTHING, but leg bridges.

I kicked patootie in class.
  • My Around the Worlds on the BOSU Ball were superb. I had air and speed as I hopped up and down.
  • For the first time I actually trusted my partner enough on the Partner Leg Presses that I had fun.
  • My hand/eye coordination was excellent doing Donkey Kicks. My partner would tap that medicine ball and I was catching it one handed several times.
  • I even got a compliment from another Boot Camper regarding my group sit ups!
I was a Boot Camp Goddess!

On the way home I rehashed in my head how wonderful I was in class. Patting myself on the back so much that my arm started to hurt. I was even celebrating that my mental telepathy with Tabata Tod worked. NO LEG BRIDGES were performed!

Until the exercise gods reminded me of my deal...


My back left tire blew out on the interstate.

Eh was a small price to pay for NO LEG BRIDGES!

Have a great weekend,

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Tuesday, March 1

March 1, 2011 - WANTED: Fellow Boot Campers


I am in mourning.  Two of my fellow favorite boot campers are on hiatus.  SOMETHING about training for the Mini Marathon (blah, blah, blah).  This saddens me because they would laugh at my jokes.  As Tabata Tod himself said; "They helped bring life to the Boot Camp Party."

I was given some of the blame for their no longer being at the party. I know, I know...I don't understand how Tabata Tod could blame ME!  LOL!  Anyhoo...I decided to put out a wanted ad for new Boot Campers as a redemption for the supposed irreparable harm I caused.

Wanted: Fans of the Biggest Loser and anyone else looking for a fun way to get fit.

Are you looking for someone to yell at you like they do on TV? 
Believe me, Tabata Tod can holler and be mean to you, if you want. 

Looking for physical challenges?
Try putting a medicine ball between your feet, throwing it into the air, and catching it!

Want immunity? 
Try attending Boot Camp during flu season. You will find out quickly if have immunity. 

For information visit:

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