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December 28, 2010 - Resolutions

Hi All,

I heard this comment last night at a Boxing Day party; "After this week I am no longer going to eat as much sugar."  I thought to myself; "Why after this week? If you are putting it off now, you will put it off again. We all do it.  There is never any reason to eat 5 cupcakes or 2 slices of cake, etc. when you are trying to be healthy."  It's always tomorrow, isn't it? 

It dawned on me after I heard this comment that the same ill-conceived thoughts invade my brain lately in regards to maintaining my weight loss and losing more weight. In addition, these thoughts impact the other areas where I am seeking to improve.  This is not how I got started nor how I kept going.

So my New Year's resolutions to walk more, eat less, and take ALL my vitamins start now. Not January 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Right now on December 28th at this particular time. If I lapse by eating pancakes for breakfast, I will forgive, move on, and keep at it. No more; "Well the day is blown anyway."

In order to accomplish my resolutions I need to revert back to what works for me. I need to surround myself with others that support and offer guidance in how to live a healthy lifestyle. I cannot do this alone. I can say to myself; "You can do it." I firmly believe this. However, I also need to hear it from others that will tell me the truth and kick me in the butt when needed (preferably individuals I pay, that works better for me).

As you all know,  Kristi's Army fell apart when the Weight Loss Clinic Social Worker left for a new job and Dr. Pita moved to a sunnier climate. It also hasn't helped that Dr. Pins and Needles moved to the far North side.  PT Bruiser and I cannot fight this alone.

I am struggling to fill the gaps in my Army. I tried two new doctors. The  first physician immediately put me on a weight loss pill.  The second physician suggested weight loss surgery (I BARELY meet the qualifications). Neither one listened to me so they are not part of the posse. I am seeking solutions that are lifelong and non-invasive.

Sooooo...I am adding another goal for 2011. I will keep my eyes and ears open for additional Army members. I will quit thinking I can or have to do this on my own. I cannot. It takes an Army.

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