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January 17, 2011 - Just Because I Different Doesn't Mean I Am Wrong

Hello All,
My weight loss has slowed. In fact, I gained weight last year. Of course, EVERYONE has an opinion on what I should do now. Here is some of the advice I have received and my response.

Skinny Friend; “Well, maybe you should consider weight loss surgery. Surgery is now available even if you only have 50 pounds to lose!”
Me; “No. I have been just as successful as someone with lap band. Thanks for the advice though.”

Friend That Doesn’t Exercise; “You are not exercising enough. You need to work out every day.”
Me; ‘Ummm. No. It is not calories in versus calories out. It’s hormones, too.”

Friend With No Patience; “You need to do a liquid diet. You will lose the weight REALLY fast.”
Me; “This is about a lifestyle change not about losing weight quickly.”

I love the feedback. Someone might actually have a good idea that works. However, if I do not take your advice that does not mean I am an idiot or that I do not care. It just signifies that your idea is not something I will explore at this time.  Just because I am doing my weight loss differently from the norm does not mean I am wrong.  Dr. Pita told me one time that I reminded him of Tara from The Biggest Loser (the Biggest Loser that Helen won) she just kept going and did not let the external noise distract her from her goal.

I repeat. I love the ideas, but I don’t have to take every proposal and run with it.  

The lesson I am sharing today is that in EVERYONE has an opinion about how we should live. We should appreciate that people have an opinion because you never know when there might be a good one. However, accepting the opinion does give the advice giver permission to ridicule the individual for not accepting their counsel. The person that ridicules when you don't accept their advice is the idiot...not the person in charge of their own life.

And if the advice and ridicule continues...LET YOUR HATER BE YOUR MOTIVATOR!

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