Saturday, December 29

Hello Again

Hi Readers!

Nice to see you again. Except for a brief stint on another platform before and after the death of my Dad, this blog was woefully neglected. I do have some musings on my Facebook page of the same name during that time period, that you should feel free to read, but I am sure they are drivel!

Much like the last post I have on here depression is what often keeps me from writing, but above all, taking good care of myself during funks is holding me back physically. When reviewing past writings on here I noticed I used to write even when depressed. I need to work harder at writing while depressed.

I write to get things out of my brain--to make my head feel lighter. For example, if I need to remember to buy milk I put it in a task list on my phone. I never think about it again until I am at the store. Imagine my surprise at some of the things I think I need, but when I get to the store decide not to purchase! Because of the compulsion to purge my brain, and the enjoyment of the writing process, I am working on several different writing projects. A few of these are under construction, but check Facebook soon for their companion pages.

Folks I Meet -- This is where I will share stories of people I know or have impacted me in some way.

Metamora Mysteries -- This an experiment in creative writing, specifically 5 minute mysteries. The focus of these stories will showcase the historical sites of Metamora with a cozy mystery thrown into the mix.

<> -- Send me a message for the link and page name to my mental health site. I plan on being very candid in my writings. Unfortunately, to do that I have tried to insure that my name is not associated to the site  quite so openly. My goal is to share stories and point to resources that are working to break the stigma!

Pups 'N Kitties -- I have two blogs I sorta started TWELVE years ago to post pics for the dogs and cats with little stories. I primarily use Facebook to show those stories now, but I may link to new stories and the blogs Finicky Felines and Howling Hounds on blogger for longer stories. I have to clean the blogs up a bit to host some stories. When I post to these I will make note on my Facebook pages for Folks I Meet, Metamora Mysteries, and Must Keep Moving.

Must Keep Moving -- This blogger site will continue to exist with stories and reminders to KEEP MOVING. I have some updates to the site I would like to make over the next month, but the purpose remains the same. My Dad told me to keep moving or your "d-e-a-d." This I will do.

Stay tuned for news regarding my upcoming half marathon in Alaska!!

Much love,

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