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February 25, 2009 - The Devil Works at Bob Evans

Hello All!

Personal Training and Mini Marathon training have kicked into high step!

I completed the Polar Bear Run/Walk on Saturday. Earlier in the week, I definitely was getting nervous about not necessarily completing, but finishing in a decent time. My sister and my friend tAmMY (names are changed to protect the innocent) both agreed to walk with me for moral support.

My goal was to walk 20 minute miles. A year ago I could barely walk a 30 minute mile!

It was a bit balmy for a Polar Bear. When we started the walk it was a nice 28 degrees. I stretched and shook off my jitters. This man took a liking to tAmMY and decided he wanted to walk with us. The gun went off and away we went....and I mean people seriously flew by us (***swoosh***). I had flashbacks to the mall where the Senior Citizens run me over! tAmMY's new boyfriend decided he needed a new woman at about a half mile. He did turn around and gave her one last look. It was a bittersweet moment for him I am sure.

Let me point out something here. tAmMY could have kept up with her new boyfriend, but came to walk with me and get some fitness for herself. I cannot thank her enough, because without her I probably would have quit between miles 2 and 3. In reality, my sister would have given me a stern talking to, if needed.

Fortunately, tAmMY was never daunted. I got caught up on all the latest gossip with our friends and her co-workers. We also of course discussed how we could solve all of the world's latest problems. I am sure all of those people that were 300 feet ahead of us were not multi-tasking like we were! For Sister's part, she was learning things on her iPod as we walked the streets of Indianapolis.

I must give a SHOUT OUT to the volunteers and IMPD. All were very supportive and had a kind word to say when we walked by them as we continued our walk throughout the city.

Now my friends and faithful blog readers know that I can hold two conversations at once. The one that everyone sees and the one in my head. During the walk this is what was going on in my noggin'.

Between miles 1 and 2...
-Some of those people ahead of us weigh more than me, how can they move that fast?
-Who knew streets were so hard and unforgiving?

Between miles 2 and 3...
-Where did the people in front of us go? I know! Space aliens must have picked these people up.
-Since my sister was listening to her iPod I told tAmMY that it was okay if she was a block or two behind us as long as we could shout at each other. I shouted at her to make sure everything was okay and her feet were not hurting too much. At that point, all she would have had to do is give the word and I would have been OUT OF THERE! She did not answer. Bummer.
-People do this for fun?

Between miles 3 and 4...
-This isn't so bad.
-This is sorta fun.
-Why are there runners heading toward us? They finished and they are doing it again?!?!? -I despise you!
-PT Bruiser (new name for the Personal Trainer) is going to be so proud.

Mile 4 to finish...
-I could go another 2 miles.
-tAmMY pointed out some folks that had different colored bibs than we did. I mentioned that those folks were the 5K participants. I affectionately refer to them as "wimps."

About 2 blocks from the finish TAmMY started sprinting to the finish line so she could beat me. Actually, she probably did not want to be seen with the back of the pack! Don't blame her there.

We finished 10 seconds before it started snowing. It was then that I was reminded on Saturday that the big guy in the sky is on my side! It sleeted on us all the way back to the car, but thankfully we were done with the walk!

I finished the walk with a 17.32 pace per mile. I was third from last to finish in the 5 miler. In looking at the results, if I had walked the 5K my ranking would have been A LOT higher. I am actually proud of what I accomplished on Saturday.

Last Wednesday, Dr. Pita said I could eat a little more since I am exercising so much. I have tweeted a few times that I am HUNGRY a lot, so he did give me permission to up my caloric intake. Well, walking 5 miles makes a person HUNGRY. Sister and I decided to go to Bob Evans.

Before we ate at Bob Evans that evening I had eaten about 1000 calories. This was to be my second to last meal of the day since I eat several small meals throughout the day. My goal was to eat off the "light" menu.

For those that go to Bob Evans I am sure you are aware of the colorful picture menus. Well, the Boburrito was just too tempting to pass up and I HAD to have some potatoes AND a biscuit with my Boburrito.

I was frantically typing in the mobile edition of Sparkpeople to find out how many calories (the idea of counting exchanges was thrown waaaay out the window once I ordered the Boburrito) were in a Boburitto. I figured out the meal I had just consumed was just over 1200 calories. Well, I had already eaten it, there was nothing I could do. However, I am absolutely, positively sure that THIS is not what Dr. Pita had in mind.

The waitress comes back...

"Would you like some dessert? Cherry cobbler, perhaps (my favorite)? Or some chocolate cake? We have a new pie."

My sister banished her with; "Get thee behind me you devil!"

Til Next Week,

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Anonymous said...

That's beautiful!
I feel like you've included me in your walk.
Talking the whole way sounds do-able.
A burrito sounds good all the time. :-)

Kathy R.

Kathy Morton said...

Great job on the walk!

COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

did mother finish the walk. most likely not, she's such a cry baby.