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August 19, 2009 -WHAT IS IN THESE PILLS?

Hello All,

This will be a short post this week. I was in a funk for a while last week and then I popped out of it and people told me I was acting weird (heavy sigh) and now I have a fever. Therefore, I am not in the mood to write today, but I do have a funny story at the end of this post.

I went to see Dr. Pita and the clinic SW today. It was good visit, except for the part I was up a pound. I was a bit frustrated about that, but that happens. I am a bit frustrated in general. It sometimes is extremely hard to get and stay healthy. Sometimes it seems like it would be easier in the short term to go back to old habits. I continually have to remind myself how I felt and how I would feel in the future if I go back to the way things were, but since I realized that I have never really done healthy things and taken care of me well, I can't expect to be perfect in 15 months.

Remember how Dr. Pita has me taking a bunch of fish oil? Well, I do not like the regular fish oil because the pills are huuuuge! So, awhile back he gave me krill oil. Krill is what whales eat (I do not THINK he is calling me a whale). I like the krill oil much better since the pills are half the size. I take 2 of these a day, as opposed to the 4 large fish oil tablets.

Well, previously Dr. Pita had some samples of Krill Oil for the Heart and Krill Oil for the Joints. The only difference is the quantity of the essential fatty acids. He said it did not matter which kind you get the minimum of what he wants me to take is in the different varieties. Well, after our little chat today, he asked me if I needed some more krill oil because he had some more left. I took the krill oil and put it in my purse.

Later in the day I went to CVS to refill a prescription. As I walked into the store alarm bells chimed and everyone in the store turned to look at me. Yes, I set off the alarm when I walked IN the store! Fortunately, I was in a small town and not in downtown Indy where I would have been strip searched.

So, in order to show the folks that I was not holding any contraband. I took things out of my purse and slid them in front of security scanner. Guess what caused the alarm? You got it!! The krill oil. Yes, my Krill Oil-PMS Formula caused the alarm to go off at CVS.

Thanks Dr. Pita!

Til Next Week,


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kathy morton said...

Kristi, tell me more about the Krill oil! I've got fish oil in my refrigerator and you are correct, the pills are huge. Is Krill also big on Omega 3's?