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September 2, 2009 - Intervention

Hello All,

In the morning I have an appointment with Dr. Pita and the Social Worker. I will also get weighed. I more than likely have gained weight. Most weight will be bloating, but there may be a pound gained back.

Even if I have not gained any weight, I must admit I have not been doing that well. This up and down a pound for the past couple of months has got to stop. I am not as upset about gaining a pound or two as the fact that I do not feel as well and I am not doing all the healthy things I need to do.

I could come up with a zillion excuses, if I tried. However, I do not believe that excuses are worth the space on the page. I just have not been taking care of myself as I should.

Now, when you reach a dilemma like this I figure that there are a few options.

  • Give Up
  • Try Doing the Same Thing and Hope that It Gets Better, but Complain About It the Entire Time
  • Use an Intervention
Well, I am not going to give up. I might as well buy the Long Term Care Insurance and plan the funeral expenses now. Giving up would mean that I would never feel well and not have the quality of life that I deserve and desire.

Obviously, what I am doing now is not working. If a person is not happy and things are not working it is important to take ownership and fix it. What good is it to keep venting and not fix the problem?


I am going to shake things up a bit. First off, I am going to start trying visualization techniques. This is where I will visualize in the morning that I am eating correctly, that I am working out, and the other things I need to do to be and stay healthy. I read somewhere that this is helpful for people trying to accomplish lasting lifestyle changes. It also is proven to help athletic performance. Who knew?

I also will be working on what my next physical fitness goal needs to be. Next week PT Bruiser and I are going to meet twice so I am hoping she can help me fill out the Physical Fitness Challenge thing I found on the internet so I can have that as my year-end goal.

In order to have some accountability for getting back and staying on track, I am going to post my food and exercise journals publicly. You may view my journal by clicking on the following link. The link takes you to Sparkpeople. Much like this blog has kept me on track, I believe the journal will as well.


Feel free to ignore (grin), critique, or even yell at me as I work through this latest challenge.

Til Next Week,

P.S. The picture is of my sister's dog, Zorra. It is such a cute picture; I had to share. Yes, she always looks that serious.

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