Sunday, December 13

December 13, 2009 - Jingle Bell Run Update

Hello All,

This is just a quick update. I will update more on Wednesday. I was not able to post on my normal day this week. The days just "got away from me" after Wednesday.

For those that read my blog on Facebook, they noticed I was raising money for the Arthritis Foundation as part of the Jingle Bell Run/Walk. I raised 240.00 dollars. It was an interesting and fun event for something that almost all of us can understand.

I want to thank everyone that donated! You can still donate at

I am struggling with the Half Marathon Training due to the nagging knee injury, but I am working hard at developing the strength in both my knees. I am trying to do a bit more cross training this time, but I am a bit discouraged as the pain just keeps coming back to haunt me.

My food is a bit better, but I need to get more fruits and veggies back into my diet. It will always be a struggle, I suppose. I need to come up with a way that when I get super busy to do a better job of taking food with me wherever I end up during the day.

Well, that is all I have time for this week. I have a funny story to share on Wednesday.

Til Then,

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Anonymous said...

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