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December 2, 2009 - 1% Body Fat is A Lot, Dr. Pita


I am a bit late this week in my posting. I just got a bit busy at work and home. Y'all know how that happens!

I have been a bit discouraged the last couple of months since the scale has basically quit moving. I have maintained though, which is GREAT.

Which brings me to today's story...

The day before my appointment with Dr. Pita I sent him some information via e-mail that he requested. Of course, I figured I better turn it in before my next appointment so I would not be asked 20 questions about it. At the bottom of my e-mail I wrote; "Do not yell at me tomorrow, I am sure I gained weight."

Sure enough, I was up 4 pounds. I deserved it. I was eating too much fast food.

The conversation went something like this.

Dr. Pita; "Well, what you you going to do about this?"
Me; "Eat better. However, I have been exercising A LOT."
Dr. Pita; "Hmmmmmm...well you are going to have to stick with the fundamentals."
Me; "Mmm Hmmm"

We went on to speak about other things.

I headed to the Social Worker's office. While in the Social Worker's office I looked at the printout from the scale.

The printout said that I was up a bunch of water and up 2 pounds of muscle. I was DOWN 1% Body Fat!!! Woo Hoo!!! My body fat percentage had not moved in a few MONTHS!

Me;"HEY, I deserve kudos for being down in body fat! That is the most important thing, after all."
Social Worker; "You are right you do deserve kudos for that!!"

I confront Dr. Pita..

Dr. Pita; "Nope. No kudos for you!" (Obviously a Seinfeld reference).
Me; "Hmph!"
Me Thinking; "You are sooooo going to be made fun of in the blog."

Dr. Pita wonders why I give him a hard time....Why wouldn't I?

Til Next Week,

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