Tuesday, March 16

March 17, 2010 - Next Goal

Hello All!

Well, it is time to make PT Bruiser happy. She is glad the Half Marathon completed without an injury. However, I did promise her that I would not train for a Half Marathon for awhile. I would work more on strength training and other cardio work. Now we are still negotiating some of the details, but I did promise that I would not partake in a Half Marathon for at least 6 months.

Well, I cannot let her have the upperhand so I am adding to the goal. Today I purchased the book; "The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises." The main reason I wanted this book is because it has 619 exercises you can do with the pictures and instructions included. This will give me some tips of things to do at the gym when I am bored with the exercises I already know.

My goal is to do the section; "The Hard-Body Workout: Use this 12-week plan to tone your legs, arms, and abs faster than ever." I will have PT Bruiser help me with measurements and see if this book is just a bunch of crap or if it really works! LOL

The book will arrive Thursday so I will keep you all updated starting next week.

Til Next Week,

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