Wednesday, March 24

March 24, 2010 - I Cheated!

Hello All,

Much like Tiger Woods and Jesse James before me, I must admit unfaithfulness. I cheated in many, many ways. Over the winter, as my weight loss plateau dragged on, I did not eat or act as healthfully as I should or had in the past. I missed days of eating enough fiber, drinking enough water, or exercising to the limit.

My biggest transgression?!? I cheated on my Asics. Yes, my tennis shoes. They were there to support for many, many miles. Asics offered comfort from the hardness of the pavement. They protected me from the rain during long walks in the damp air. My darling Asics were there with me even during the most brutal of tortures with PT Bruiser. They also held up nicely to my abuse.

How did I treat them? I dumped them as soon as they were not around. When the Asics were not available for the Half Marathon, I switched at the advice of the slick sales guy at the running store. I chose a pair that supposedly offered the same comfort and stability. Oh how I curse that day!

Even though I lathered my feet with Glide (anti-chafing goo) to protect my tootsies from the possible consequences of an untrusted shoe relationship, I still contracted horrors after the Marathon. I recently lost a toenail due to this indiscretion. Never again!
It is important to have a reliable and sturdy pair of tennis shoes when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I do hope my Asics forgive me. I need them as I begin my 12 week workout experiment that started today (more on this next week).
Til Next Week,
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