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July 22, 2010 - Skinny Songs

Hello All,

I have been in a very prolonged funk. Because of this my exercise and eating plans have not been followed that well or is it that because I did not follow my exercise and eating plan that I got in the funk?  Chicken or egg?  LOL

Whenever I get like this I eventually start to care again and try to find something to help perk me up. I have just the thing...SkinnySongs.

Skinny Songs is a compilation of original songs to help with weight loss motivation. For the complete story checkout the web site at   The following are the tracks...

 My favorite song currently is; "Use it to Lose It".  Just checkout some of the lyrics.

"You say you don’t want no gut (no gut)
Don’t want to have no big butt (uh huh)                                   
Well then get up outta your rut
Come on y’all, let’s make that cut (hey!)         

That’s it now, get off your duff
No more fat, we have had enough             
Gotta do a little huff and puff
so that you can strut your stuff"


These are the PERFECT songs for a workout!

Now if someone would only write the following songs for me.

Blues:   Don't Be Blue, Eat Your Salmon
Love Song: Ode to Spinach
Reggae:   Exercise is Normal
Old School Rap:   Go to Bed Early, So You are not So Surly
Pop:  Vitamin D For Me
Ska:  Walk, Walk, Stretch, Walk, Walk, Stretch
Bluegrass:   Brewin' the Green Tea
Country:   My Water Jug is Half Empty, Will You Make it Full?

Til Next Week,
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