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September 10, 2010 - People Who Get It and Those Who Don't

Good Day All!

Recently, I went on a tubing trip with a few friends. We were the most ill prepared on the river that day. We joined our tubes with rope (bungee cords are better), did not have a tube for the cooler, and TOTALLY did not have enough beer. However, my friend tAmMY is really good at flirting and managed to get some beer from some first responders from Illinois.  Of course, lumberjacks would be perfect, but you can't go wrong with those that can save you!

After floating down the river with these fine folks and only managing to lose a towel (which was found downstream later across the river), my hat (some fish is wearing it now), and countless self esteem points (from constantly falling down in the mud) I had a conversation with one of the guys as we were walking to the car.

Firefighter; "See that girl over there? She is awfully large. She needs to do something about that."
I instantly got a bit irritated since I did not feel I needed to be judging this girl.
Me; "She might be trying, may not know how, or just is working on other things in her life right now."
Firefighter; "Well, that's something you will not have to worry about."
Me; "I've lost a lot of weight so I know what it is like to have a weight problem since I have quite a bit more to lose."
Firefighter; Chuckles "I've lost 107 pounds. It's not easy changing your life is it?  Takes awhile and doesn't happen overnight."
Me; "Nope. It sure doesn't. Seems like sometimes it gets harder, not easier."

Earlier this week I attended a Medical Support Group meeting at the Weight Loss Clinic. This was the second week of the group of about 40 women. 

At this point in my story I must state that I absolutely positively despise gaggles of women. Yes, yes I know I am a woman, but high numbers of women all situated in one place causes an exponentially high rate of whining and back biting. Drives me nuts.

Before the lecture by the physician started I had the following conversation with another one of the attendees.
Her; "Hi!! You weren't here last week were you? Are you a new patient?"
Me; "I am a new patient of Dr. BurstMyBubble. I saw Dr. Pita for about 2 years before he left."
Her with wrinkled brow; "Oh, well. How much weight have you lost?"
Me; "Well, the most I lost was 75, but I gained 15, but lost 5 again and I keep going up and down the other 10 since I started taking some unrelated medicine.  Learning that I am going to have a rougher way to go"
Her; "You have been working on this for over two years and that is all you have lost?  That seems like a long time."
Me; "Well, I guess it is for some people, but I am in no hurry. I am more interested in being healthy not losing weight necessarily. As long as I keep exercising and eat right I will eventually lose excess weight."
Her; "Well, Dr. BurstMyBubble can speed that up if you want. I think that is what I would ask her if I were you."
Me Chuckling; "Well, I am in not too big of a hurry. I am not on a diet. I am trying to eat better and exercise to be healthier."
Her; "My goal is to take off this weight. I will be able to exercise and do many things once I get the weight off. I will lose the weight first."
Me Thinking; "I hope you do. I hope you do."

In my humble opinion the Firefighter gets it. The lady from the Support Group meeting does not.

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