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November 14, 2010 - The Hills of Brown County

Quick story....

I did a 5K in Brown County. Most of you like to go to Brown County for the scenery and the rolling hills. Try walking or running them!

Fortunately (or unfortunately), I know several of the roads in Brown County. My sister lived there and had a shop in Nashville.  I also worked there several summers.

After checking in, I took a very quick glance at the course map. Honestly, I thought it was going down Jefferson, turning before the hill out of town and swinging back the North side of town.

The course traveled out of the High School lot and turned north on Main Street. I know a sound escaped my mouth that signaled impending doom. Before we started down the short 45% hill I was saying to myself; "Please, please, please do not have us going straight." I knew what was next.  Going straight would have meant that we would be walking 45% up a hill that is about two-tenths of a mile.

When the deputy pointed us to turn before the Fairgrounds I was ecstatic. I even told him so, but I did mention I did not want to walk up the hill we just finished. He laughed and said he would see me in a few minutes.

I did not know what to expect walking down the road next to the Fairgrounds. I do not believe I ever drove down it in my life. I can say that the traffic the deputies were letting through were playing chicken with the runners.  Sheesh... 

Because the road is on the side of the hill, it slanted but we did not have anymore hills to climb.  However, because the road slanted I was having trouble with my inner foot. The slant was forcing my food inward and rolling my ankle. By the time I got back to where we were to walk up the hill again I was limping a bit.

Well, I was last (or so I thought anyway). The deputy laughed because I was grumbling about the hill I was going to have to climb.  I noticed they were letting one lane of traffic through; I asked him which side of the road to take. I think he took pity on me since I was limping. He had traffic completely stop so I could walk down the middle of the road.  LOL

All in all, my pace was about the same. The hill added about 30 seconds to my pace which I believe is expected.

Lesson learned?  Deputies in Brown County are nice AND I was reminded that the hill would have been impossible a couple of years ago.

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