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November 7, 2010 - Peaks and Valleys Part 2

A long time ago I wrote a blog entry about a book that was recommended-Peaks and Valleys.   The blog entry is here:

At the time, I was not appreciating the book very much.  Now, I have a new perspective. I DO highly recommend this book.

You see, for about 6-7 months, the dark cloak that sometimes darkens my eyes and weighs heavy on my shoulders has been covering me more often that anytime in the past couple years.  It would lift and things would be bright again for a short while.

When the world seems a little brighter, I start to plan.  I plan big. I feel I must make up for lost time. I have more and more things I want to get done, things that will make life easier, tasks that will take me to new and exciting places.  I guess it is this planning that I think will make the cloak burn up and go away.  However, it never does. It lands upon my head again.  Obviously, the plans made when life seems a little brighter do not work.

I am currently in the middle of one of those lulls right now. Getting out of bed is a chore. Exercising is a drudge (even though I feel better doing it). Work is boring. All my "fun" activities are dreadful.  I do not want any human contact.

Yesterday, while cleaning, I came across Peaks and Valleys. I began to read. Now, I get it. Ultimately, valleys are good. It is when we are in a valley that we must plan, watch, and learn. It is inevitable that the dark cloak will return. Embrace it. Learn from it for next time.

While on a peak when must do more of what got us to the peak, but do not overextend. Get to bed on time. Do not commit to too much. Ultimately, save energy.  Getting off balance might cause falling off the peak a bit quicker.

Lessons for us all.


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