Monday, December 26

Being a Brat

Hi All,

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas. Personally, my new prized possession is the Hufflepuff sweatshirt my sister gifted to me.

I am in full on brat mode right now. I got my latest yearly test results and I have quite a bit of work to do...quickly. I have managed in the past two years to become full-on diabetic and my cholesterol is not looking so good either. The new doctor knows my history of losing 75 pounds and gaining back 60 of it. So she believes this is quite reversible and I can be removed from medicines within the year....if I eat completely PLANT BASED!


A plant based diet is no meats of any kind.  Nothing with a face or comes out of anything with a face is to be eaten.  No eggs, dairy, or meats may be consumed.

When I lost that initial weight all I did was cutback on portions. I used the dietary exchanges and white knuckled my cravings once I hit my exchange limit for the day. All  I  did was think about food. Obsessively.

This is going to be quite the change, but I have no doubt I can do it with a lot of whining.

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