Friday, December 9

Forming a New Army

Note: I am back to using Blogger for my Must Keep Moving blog. My posts that were on Wordpress are lost in the internet somewhere due to countless issues to name. That is ok, because one of the posts in it was the eulogy for my father and other grief-streaked posts. While the posts were heartfelt and I wish I still had copies, they are in my heart. Onward to new and exciting things...good, bad, and ugly.

 Hi, Welcome back to my blogger blog. I am a bit rusty because I have not written much the past four years, but I hope that will soon change. I have also started another blog at Feel free to check it out as well.

As many of my faithful friends and family members know my army disapparated around me. The army that I employed to keep me healthy! Well, I am happy to report I have a new army now in place. Let's take a roll call of the members.
Dr. Yoga - Dr. Yoga is my new integrative health physician. She also is a yoga instructor....EEK! Not a big Yoga fan, but I do feel better after a yoga class. I have only had a couple appointments with her starting out, but I do like her a lot. I am excited that I finally found a doctor after 4 years that practices the type of medicine I believe we all deserve. She believes in a whole body approach. Namaste! 

Crossfit Family - While I have been negligent of my Crossfit family. I do have a coach (that is currently on maternity leave) that has kept me on track during one of the biggest funks of my life. When I allow these folks to help me...they help more than the ever know.

PT Bruiser - PT Bruiser is my rock. My one person that has stayed in my Army from the very beginning. Still beautiful inside and outside her divine soul.

Miss Tappity Tap - Since this has all began Miss Tappity Tap has also kept me on track. Can you believe it?!?!? Probably one of the best counselors in Indy.

The NP - I finally found a prescribing nurse practitioner that looked at my GENETICS! She found genetically some issues that we are working to correct to keep me healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

YOU - I hope you all realize how much your support over the years has helped. This blog is to document my journey through life and to give you a place to know that someone else understands your same struggles.

This blog is supposed to be funny as well, but I wanted to give you a quick update today. So in order to get your humor fix I want to give you a past update to read

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