Friday, December 21

Family Update

Dad keeps hanging in there, but he likes to visit his friends with overnight stays at Major Hospital in Shelbyville. Dad likes to keep the doctors guessing. Jonna and I think he enjoys hearing "I have never seen this before."

Dad's love of his life, Ruthie, is constantly by his side. I personally do not know a more spoiled dog in my entire life. She is obnoxious. Unfortunately, Ruthie also has not met a treat she does not like! She loves going to Metamora and meeting all the people that walk through the shop. Her and dad are a typical site in town. Dad and his broomstick (cane) and Ruthie 6 feet from him with her nose to the ground.

For those that do not know, Ruthie is famous. She was featured in a book put out by The following is the link to the Shelbyville News story that ran last year.

I am mentioned in the Shelbyville News article because I was the one that did the interview. However, I must state that the story gets bigger and bigger everytime it is told (LOL). I also did not actually say a couple of the quotes that are in there. I believe that the news writer took some creative license. However, it is a sweet story and brought about an article promoting dog adoption.

Mom would tell you that she did not have a good year. She took a fall off a step outside and broke her shoulder. Unfortunately, since she needs a walker and/or wheelchair to get around she needed to stay in the Nursing Home until she was somewhat healed. She spent most of the summer in the Heritage House Nursing Home in Shelbyville. Now, she will tell you it was awful, but I can report she won several dollars at bingo and attended several music events. She was definitely glad to return home. Other than being frustrated with not being able to do what she used to, she is doing a lot better than even before she broke her shoulder.

Mom has a favorite grandpuppy, named Zorra. Zorra is infatuated with Mom. Jonna will ask her; "Where's grandma?" The ears go up and she BOLTS for mom. She rubs all over mom and just LOVES her. In fact, the day mom came home from the Nursing Home she sat on mom's lap all afternoon and would not leave!

Jonna is the Customer Service Director for and In reality, I think she runs the place. There are 4(?) owners that all depend on her. She seems to enjoy it, plus she gets to work from home.

As a stress reliever, Jonna has been writing a dog blog which has quite a following. It is REALLY funny. You must check it out at

You will notice on her site that the dogs all compete in dog agility. I do not have a dog competing (just training), but it is good exercise and a lot of fun. All three of Jonna's dogs have some titles. The following is a short clip of one of Katie competing with Jonna.

Due to our busy schedule this year, Jonna does not have any artistic items for me to share with you this year, but I am sure she will make time for some creative pursuits next year.

We got to see two of our cousins this year. Steve and Debbie stopped by to visit when mom was in the Nursing Home. Debbie is the one that got Jonna hooked on the Beatles at a young age. I had not met them before since they are a little older, but Jonna definitely remembered them! Debbie had some pictures of our paternal grandfather that I had never seen. It was exciting to see some more family photos and meet cousins.

In the coming year, I hope to sit down with Mom and Dad to do some family scrapbooking. I do not know who several people in the pictures are, it would be nice to get a lot of the family memories documented.

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