Friday, December 21

Fun Pursuits 2007

Well, I didn't get too travel to much this year, or pursue my hobbies, but I have a few updates.

I went to Iowa and visited the Pope's. April and the kids are very active in a local rescue group so I helped out and we had a fun time at the "Fur Ball." Note the pic with the kids and Renthia (leader of the rescue group).

I got to go to Chicago and see Karen a couple of times. We also had a girls weekend when Mary had her baby shower. Amy, Karen, Mary and I got pampered at a local spa.

Jonna and I both like to do dog agility and flyball with the dogs. Jonna is actively competing so at least one weekend a month I might be able to go to such exotic locales as Cincinnati, Dayton, or Indianapolis for agility tournaments.


In 2008, I hope to get to travel a bit more and do a bit more geocaching and scrapbooking.

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