Friday, March 14

Bed Side Manner...EXCELLENT

Dear Blog Readers,

It was the BIG day. I went to the weight loss clinic today to meet with the Integrative Health physician. After completing pages and PAGES of paperwork I met with the doctor to discuss the program.

The physician I am seeing studied with Dr. Weil who is a leader in combining Western with Eastern medicine, so to speak. He got to know me and I got to know him. I think that he is a good fit. He is very energetic and I think truly believes in preventative medicine.

I had several batteries of tests today, vials of my blood are now sitting somewhere waiting for testing. Next Friday I will find out what the plan of action is regarding the recommended treatment.

My hope this weekend (if weather allows) is to get in a couple of mile long walks to get started training! I think Honeycomb (the dog) is going to be very unhappy with the harness she will be wearing when we go for walks...

Check back next week for another update!


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