Friday, March 28

Sleep Walking


It has been a very interesting week!

Sister, the dogs and I took a few walks to burn off some calories. I am only supposed to walk a mile at a time for awhile so as not to overdue it. Right now, I am just getting out and moving! I plotted the miles I have walked on the following map to put it in perspective. I am almost to the interstate. Which direction should I head? I am thinking since summer is coming, I will head North...

I am VERY, VERY sleepy. Eating every 3 hours regulates your blood sugar to lower levels which apparently makes me sleepy!

I added a picture to the right. Honeycomb is one of my walking partners. She is not used to regimented walking, so her ears were flipped back and her tail lowered (grin).

I have half of my donations, feel free to notify others. I am going to send out an e-mail to a few more people to see if I can get some more donations.

Til next week,

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