Tuesday, August 12

August 12, 2008 - Forgiveness is Part of Weight Loss, Too

Well, after an eventful two weeks watching my dog-nephew Sam and his dog-sisters life is back to normal. Of course, Sam was VERY bad while his mother was vacationing in Hawaii. He would leave me "presents" every day even if he had been outside several times. He also wanted to pick fights with his sisters continually. He did manage to live through the two and a half weeks. He recently posted a public apology to me. It can be found at http://katiezipperdoodle.blogspot.com. I have decided to forgive Sam since the stress of not forgiving him will just hamper my weight loss efforts.

I have also decided to forgive my sister for not bringing me back a Mu Mu. I am of course, kidding about this. Why would I want to wear a Mu Mu when I am losing all of this weight?

As far as my weight loss efforts go, I have met most of my daily goals this week, but do not seem to notice it on the scale. We shall see next week when I have my official weigh in at the clinic.

I saved the best for last! I received 275 dollars in donations this week! 25 to the Lymphoma Society and 250 for Juvenile Diabetes!!!! How EXCITING!

Til next week,

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