Wednesday, November 26

November 26, 2008 - The Great Fridge Caper

As anyone trying to lose weight is well aware, it is best to cook your own food rather than rely on restaurants and drive-thrus. I am doing a lot better at eating home cooked meals that I was a year ago. I also am getting quite good and knowing what are the better options at the restaurants that I frequent. For example, normally at McDonald’s I will get the Southwest Salad (no dressing). My favorite place to eat out when at work is Au Bon Pain. They have a wide selection of small meals called “portions.” None of the items is over 300 calories and normally has a protein and a fruit or vegetable. These are perfect for eating healthy.

Now, as most of you know, fridges in a corporate environment are a common problem. When I worked at a local hospital a group of us purchased a fridge and hid it since the one in the break room was so disgusting. Where I am at now we had an old fridge that does that job, but I would not put anything in it for longer than a day or two due to the temperature of it.

The thing that always bugged me about the fridge is that people would put their WHOLE lunch pale in the fridge…thus wasting valuable space. Believe me, I found this very irking. If you have it in a cooler, why do you need to put it in the fridge? Why not take it out of the cooler and THEN put it in the fridge?!?! The cooler has INSULATION. Well, now I know WHY people do this.

My friend (we will call her Portia) took it upon herself to solve the fridge situation when other people came onto our floor. Portia spoke with someone about getting our own fridge. So, this nice man went to an auction and got us a fridge. Portia paid the man and proceeded to collect money from those wanting a spot in the fridge. The fee is 10 dollars. As part of the deal, you get a spot in the fridge and a handy dandy “Official Friend” placard.

Things were going well with the new fridge until Portia noticed Dan (not his real name) was using her milk as his own. Bad idea! I am friends with Portia and I NEVER would swipe some milk without asking. Even then I bring my own milk. I did mention that it was good Dan didn’t swipe mine because I drink it straight from the carton! It’s MY milk!

Now, this is bothering us. Why did he swipe the milk? Does he think he is at home and everything is his? This is not community milk. I also must mention that Portia buys ORGANIC milk. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH ORGANIC MILK COSTS?!?! I recently picked up some for Portia and it was 4 dollars a half gallon.

Now, it has been going on so long we do not know what to do. Now, I know what you are thinking! Just tell him to quit drinking the milk! Why would we do that?!?! That would be way too easy and we don’t want to sound petty. Personally, I am trying to catch him taking the milk and then plan on saying to him; “Portia lets you drink her milk? That’s odd. She really doesn’t like sharing the expensive milk.” Of course, Dan is so dense he probably still would take the milk! HE OPENS IT WHEN IT IS A NEW CARTON AND SHE HAS NOT OPENED IT!

Well, I am to drink the milk today so Dan doesn’t…I am thinking of putting a note on the milk that says; “Don’t Drink.” I am also thinking of going in the breakroom, when he is in there, open the fridge and take a swig straight from the carton!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!