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March 18, 2009 - Peaks and Valleys

The following is a letter that I am not going to send (for fear Dr. Pita would get a concussion when he bangs his head on the desk after reading it), but provide for your amusement. The exchange is in reference to a book that Dr. Pita is currently "peddling" (his words not mine). The book is by one of the authors of Who Moved My Cheese. Dr. Pita apparently just recently read the book Peaks and Valleys and LOVED IT.

The premise of the book is to learn to deal with and appreciate the ups and downs of life. It is a good book written in the style of a parable. I liked it, but when you read my fake letter you will see I had a bit of trouble with it in my current state of mind.

Dear Dr. Pita;

To say I am perturbed by your recent book suggestion is an understatement. Wednesday afternoon, on my way to see Dr. Pins and Needles, I used my Borders coupon to purchase Peaks and Valleys. At the time, I did not know that I should have asked you for a prescription for Xanax to get through it.

I settled down to read the book later Wednesday evening. It starts out nicely before it gets into the nitty gritty of what it is trying to teach. As I progressed through the book my mind begins to whirl faster and faster. I do not know if I was looking for hidden meaning or what, but the following thoughts kept going faster and faster in my head. Of course, these are only a small fraction of what I was thinking.

*The young man is in the Valley, does this mean he is depressed? Why is he depressed? What is it really signifying?

*Does the old man mean that when we are in a valley it is okay? That we should just "stop and smell the roses?" That the bad stuff will go away on its own? Scratch that. That is not what it means.

*Are Peaks and Valleys REALLY the same as HIGHS and LOWS?!?! What?!?

*So is the book saying that during the good times we prepare for the bad times? If so, does it mean we should always just stick with the basics and be done with it?

*Peaks and Valleys are not really the same as depression and "the super opposite of depression" (you know I REFUSE to use that other word). They are external factors, in a way. Right, they are not the same? Or are they in a way?


*Ooooo...looking at the "truth" behind what is causing a Valley is a good point. What is causing my current Valley? I know! I got away from the basics and what was working!

*Okay, so I plan what the next Peak looks like. Do I need to write it down? Do I make a project plan to attain it? Isn't this much like goal setting? I KNOW! I KNOW! I should do this for my Mini Marthon training!

As you can see, Dr. Pita, my mind was very busy. I had to take a nap after reading the book. Fortunately, it only took me about 40 minutes to read the book, but I had to sleep for 12 hours to recover from it!

One of Your Favorite Patients,

P.S. Since I gained 2 pounds (brought the stock market up) the past two weeks (muscle and water) and had a problem with some binge eating, I will be in next week to get weighed. I am also going back to some basics, such as concentrating on my water and fiber intake. The rest should fall into place. My exercise plan is to keep up the Mini Marathon walking and strength training.

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