Wednesday, November 4

November 4, 2009 - PT Bruiser and the Physical Terrorist


So...I am still feeling not up to par, so I am not sure how humorous my story will be this week, but I guess it is not always about being funny, huh? Working to be healthy is HARD WORK!

Apparently, it gets easier (at least that is what I am told). However, when you have an adulthood filled with bad habits breaking from the old is difficult.

I whined a little bit to Dr. Pita this week about going up and down the same 3-4 pounds for the past 5 months. Of course, he is the man that always has an explanation (sigh). He stated that for as much weight as I have lost this is to be expected. However, if it keeps up, after I am able to start exercising fully, we will look for a physiological reason if the pounds do not start dropping again.

Physical Therapy has been quite enlightening. So far my favorite quote from the Physical Terrorist is; "You really did the Mini? All 13.1 miles? Really? On these knees and with these hamstrings? Hmmm.." I decided not to question further.

Apparently, you are supposed to be able to step up and down on a step without "bobbling" your leg to the left or right. You are also supposed to be able to push your legs into the Physical Terrorists arm with some strength. Hmph!

I took my new found knowledge to PT Bruiser and told her that we have some work to do. So we have been working these exercises into the "routines". It is important to note that:

1) These exercises HURT.
2) PT Bruiser nor the Physical Terrorist care.

However, PT Bruiser does count for me. The first day in Physical Therapy the Physical Terrorist gave me an exercise and after a few minutes said; "What number are you on?" Oops! I thought I paid these people to count for me? Sheesh...

Yesterday, I told PT Bruiser about my week and told her that I could not think of anything funny for the blog. I then mentioned that I tried to do agility with Calvin on Monday. Unfortunately, during agility, Calvin bumped into my knee and scared the beejeebees out of me! This caused me to have a minor "breakdown" in class. Tears and all...

PT Bruiser; "That's funny."
Me; "No it isn't."
PT Bruiser; "No, it's funny."
Me; "Only if you are sadistic."

Til Next Week,

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Anonymous said...

And it is funny when you know PT Bruiser! Miss you guys!