Friday, November 13

November 13, 2009 - The Scale


Sorry I am a little late posting this week. I had a little trouble writing my story. I am trying to tell the story right, but sometimes the words just do not happen to hit the keyboard the way they sit in my head!

The scale and I were fighting. It was not telling me what I wanted to "hear." Stupid scale!! I named the scale Pinocchio since it lied so much.
After several fights with the scale I realized; "Apparently, *I* am the one with the problem." Yes, I know how could *I* be the one with the problem? Well, I started focusing on the wrong thing.

All the professionals around me are not concerned about the scale. They are more concerned about the other aspects (e.g. eating correctly, exercising right, staying in the mindset of being healthy).

The problem is that I started focusing a bit too much I want the scale said and not how I FELT. I then asked myself; "How do you feel?" When the answer was; "Not as good as I can" I took a hard look at my exercise, diet, and other lifestyle factors and made few tweaks. Now I feel a lot better.

I just needed to remind myself that losing weight will come with the lifestyle change, but I have to feel and be healthy FIRST! I had gotten a little off track in my thinking.

So, me and the scale are back on speaking terms again. It will never be a love affair, but we CAN coexist in the same house as long as the scale remains just the toy that it is meant to be.

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