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January 6, 2010 - New Year, New Start

Hello All,

Happy New Year!!

Well, this year is not off to a great start right now. I am recovering from 2 things.
1) I have not been feeling well (an infection).
2) Dr. Pita informed me today that he will still do a cartwheel when I officially lose 100 pounds, but he is going to wear a kilt (BIG eye roll and gag) .

Well, Dr. Pita and I had a long chat (actually, it was a continuation of a chat that I have been having with myself over the past two months) about focus. Basically, like most people that have lost a lot of weight I am at the point where I am struggling. We both think it is lack of focus.

As my avid blog readers know, he has farmed me out to another physician that is working on some other issues. This involves me taking medicine. Have I mentioned that I HATE TO TAKE PILLS?!?! I know, I know, at least once a month my pill-hating personality bubbles to the surface. Well, my focus has been on taking those $%^$%^ pills because I get such severe headaches and the "woozies" when I miss a dose that all I do is obsess about those blasted pills.

So, for the next 6 weeks I am to only worry about the Half Marathon. I am to concentrate on finishing it feeling great and strong. In order to do that I will need to eat right, work even harder on my strength training, and get my long walks in on the weekends.

For motivation reasons, I have removed from the blog any reference to my weight loss in the info secion. I will give you all updates as I lose (or gain) weight, but the total means nothing. You see, sometimes I focus too much on the total when it is such a small part of being healthy.

So, I am back to weekly goals that I will post here and share on how I did.

This week's goals.
*Drink 64 ounces of water a day. I have been woefully negligent in this over the past month.
*At every meal half my plate will be veggies.
*Faithfully track my food and water intake.
*Exercise every day (either stretches, strength train or cardio work).

Have a great week,
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