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April 21, 2010 - Heartfelt Thanks to Dr. Pita

Hello All,

Several years ago, I was at lunch with a few work colleagues when someone mentioned that they respected and trusted all of us. The admiration was strong enough to warrant the phrase; "I will always allow you in my foxhole. Of course, we might all be too fat to fit in the foxhole." It was one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me.

Note: He was referring to a foxhole seen in World War II movies and we were eating a big plate of cheese fries at the time.


We meet many people at work and play in our lives. A lot of people that you meet you enjoy the time you spend together, but you move on with the rest of your life. You may have a distant memory of that person, maybe they left a slight impression.

Occassionally, there are people that you meet that you are truly a better person for having met...Dr. Pita is one of those people in my life.

Earlier this week, I found out Dr. Pita is leaving the health system and the State for sunshinier (yes, I know it is not a word) pastures. I can honestly say, while I am not suprised, I am a more than a little sad...for selfish me. For him...I say; "Good Luck and Congratulations!"

For those of you that have read my blog from the very beginning, you might think one of the following, depending on if you understand my satire:

*"Why is she sad? She is always complaining about these professionals!
*"Ooooo...this is not going to go well at all."

You see, I am sad because Dr. Pita helped me immensely. I *maybe* gave him a *little* grief sometimes regarding his diagnoses and opinions, but I always ended up doing what he said in the end. Why? He was normally right and my way did not work. As many of you know, I also got results.

Just because he is leaving is no excuse to quit working on any of my "assignments." I will transition to a new physician that will make me mad sometimes when I do not want to listen, but I will continue on this journey. As even those that had Bariatric Surgery will tell you, even when at a "perfect" weight or living a "perfect" lifestyle; checkups are required and are essential for lasting changes.

I could make a huge list of all of the things I have learned from Dr. Pita, but I do not want to bore you even more so than normal. Go back and read the older posts! LOL

I could also type for hours regarding the true appreciation and respect I have for Dr. Pita, but the keyboard could not handle the tears .


What I can say is this; "Thank you Dr. Pita. You and your family are always welcome in my foxhole. There is a lot more room than there used to be..."

Til Next Week,
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