Wednesday, April 7

April 7, 2010 - Birthday Musings

Happy Birthday to Me....Happy Birthday to Me....

Feel free to sing along.

Yes, today is my Birthday. The big 4 0. It was forty years ago today that I ruined my sister's life. She had such a blissful childhood for 8 years and then *poof* I was born. If you know my sister, please offer her your condolences.
Okay, enough celebrating, back to the musings....

I attended my first Emotional Eating Session last week. Yes, this is another one of those things I swore I would never do...LOL A lot of the class will be based on being more mindful of when, how, where, and what we eat.

At the beginning of the class the leader asked us to explain how we might overeat. I shared that it was not uncommon for me to stop at multiple fast food places on the way home. For example, I remember a time not too long ago that I stopped at KFC to get some wings. I then spilled my soda, so I stopped at McDonald's and purchased another soda, and since I was there I felt compelled to pick up a cherry pie. I still had time to kill, before my evening activity, so I stopped at Burger King and picked up some Macaroni and Cheese. Hmmmm... I do not have a binging problem...LOL

During the course of the class we were given 4 jelly beans. We ate two jelly beans really slowly to learn how to enjoy our food and appreciate what we are eating. She went on to explain that we need to quit eating in front of the television, computer, or in the car. Eeeek! These are all my favorite places to eat!

She hit on a point. I work with a bunch of people from a different culture. I have NEVER noticed any of them EVER eat and work at the same time. Interesting...none of them are overweight either...even MORE interesting.

Now, the leader continued speaking on this topic, but I have to tell you those 2 jelly beans in my hand were CALLING to me.

FINALLY we got to eat the remaining jelly beans.

Nope...I do not need to work on Emotional Eating AT ALL.

Til Next Week,
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