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June 22, 2011 - Been Caught Slacking

Hi All,

There are a lot more people in Boot Camp class since Tabata Tod sold a Groupon for Indy Boot Camp classes. I am enjoying meeting all of the new people and hope many of them stick it out even though they are in pain or feel sick the first week. Of course, I feel ill once a week, that never goes away for me. LOL!

Now that class has quite a few more people there is an electric energy that really gets me pumped up and moving. It was this week that I finally noticed how far that I have come in my fitness level. Due to my knees there will always be a few things that will cause me trouble (running and jumping). For the most part, I can last a lot longer at many of the exercises; I have defined muscles (under and around my fat LOL!); and my cardiovascular is definitely TONS better.

Well, this morning I DID NOT want to get out of bed AT ALL! I laid there for a few minutes and finally pried myself off the sheets and into workout clothes. Once in class I did not want to workout, either. All I really wanted to do was take a nap.

So, my devious little brain concocted a plan. It would be EASY for me to take little breaks. There are TONS of people in class. Certainly, Tabata Tod would be too busy to notice me slacking off just a tad bit. I surmised he should focus on the new people.

We did wall sits. Wall sits are when you put your back against the wall and do a squat. Well, I was tired. I went down just a little. I figured "The Bobs" were in the way, Tabata Tod would not notice. But nooooooooooo he walked over to our area. FOILED! I immediately scooched all the way down. I knew if I did not do the exercise right there was a strong possibility he might SIT on me to get me to do it. I apparently squatted low enough to impress the people on either side of me. LOL! I CAN do it when I WANT to, apparently.

Then it was time to do leg bridges. Remember, I HATE LEG BRIDGES!!! Due to the size of the class not everyone can do leg bridges at the same time so there were people standing between Tabata Tod and me. I activated my TODAR (works like RADAR) and established that Tabata Tod was across the room with at least 6-7 people blocking his view. I decided to take a teeny weeny minuscule break (reality: I sat out a round). The next thing I heard was; "COME ON, KRISTI!"

I learned something new about Tabata Tod today....HE HAS X-RAY VISION! No more slacking for me. 

Til Later,
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