Wednesday, June 8

June 8, 2011 - Revenge!

Hello All!

Well, I finally broke. I reached a boiling point with Tabata Tod.  If he made me do one more Leg Bridge I was going to seriously consider homicide. Until the simple word of Voodoo popped into my head.

So...I took 10 minutes and made this.....

Yes!  You guessed it!  It is my very own Tabata Tod Paper Voodoo Doll!  Personally, I find it to be an amazing likeness. Another Boot Camper mentioned that he looks like Sid from Toy Story so I used that face.  I then added his ever present Nikes and camouflage shirt.  Voila! Tod!

Last night I went to class armed with my new weapon. Tabata Tod did not appear too phased by my plan, but I was not to be deterred.

Sure enough. He made us do leg bridges.  So...I pulled off a leg.  I then gently placed my paper voodoo doll next to my mat as a warning.  When he walked by he saw it, but did a nice job acting like it did not bother him at all that he was missing a leg.

I watched him intently for the next few minutes. I detected a slight limp. Was it working? I thought so. However, sometimes Tabata Tod is not the brightest bulb in the box, he then made us do Mountain Climbers and Burpees. What?!?! I warned you Tabata Tod! So...I pulled off the other leg.

The next time he walked by my mat he sighed heavily. It was probably the pain in his legs causing the exhale. Again, he appeared not to be aware of what my voodoo was doing to him. He made us do leg bridges on the medicine ball!  So...I pulled off an arm.

At the end of class this is what was left of my Tabata Tod Voodoo doll.

As I left class I saw Tabata Tod stretching that arm.  Take THAT Tabata Tod!

Til Next Time,
Kristi Sue

Up next time...PT Bruiser's Voodoo Doll!

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