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August 28, 2011 - tAMmY does a TRI and Inspires

Hello All,

My friend tAMmY is now a triathlete!  Yesterday, she swam 500 meters, biked 10 miles, and ran 3 miles. All of this in around 2 hours!!!  What a woman!

As one of my practically life-long friends I love her dearly, but yesterday my heart burst with even more pride and joy for her accomplishment. I was extremely happy SHE was happy and proud of her physical accomplishment.

tAMmY is one of my friends that I look to for inspiration. She really does try to live and embody a healthy lifestyle. Without a doubt, she inspired me again.

As I was crying tears of joy and pride, I realized how much crying I did for myself during and after my first half marathon. The sense of accomplishment was huge.  Yes, I was in the midst of a life lesson.  THIS feeling was what I have been missing.

I do still enjoy walking, but I don't have that sense of accomplishment anymore. I will still do 5Ks, since I enjoy the atmosphere. I will hopefully still do some half marathons in my future, but I need a new challenge.

I found my new goal.  SWIMMING!!  I will swim 500 meters in some sort of event by the end of next year.  I am currently researching exactly what it IS that I will do, but it will be something with swimming.  tAmMY mentioned we could compete as a team in a triathlon next year.

I learned to swim as a child and loved it, but now I must work on stroke improvement in order to accomplish this goal.  This afternoon I signed up for a class in October so 500M here I come!

Thanks again tAmMY for being my friend and healthy-living inspiration!

Til Next Week,

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