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September 4, 2011 - Try and Try Again

Hi All,

Well, after much reflection, and looking at my own blogs, I decided that I have to go back to those things that truly helped me lose weight in the first place in order to take the rest of this weight off my body.

Right now, I have the exercise bit down perfectly!  I exercise all the time. I just am not eating right. So, I recently purchased a Groupon for Slim and Fit.

I started at Slim and Fit this week. The counselor there took my weight, body measurements, etc. We then discussed how the program works. Honestly. the program works similar to when I attended the weight loss clinic. 

However, I am not 100% there because of the program. I am there for accountability. I eat right when I knew someone is going to look at my food logs.

For the next 12 weeks I will be going to Slim and Fit to see how this program works for me.  Check out the web site at

However, something is bothering me about going to Slim and Fit. I am concerned that for the rest of my life, in order to keep weight off and/or lose weight. I will always have to attend some type of program. I have a friend (that is full of crap sometimes) that hints around that at some point we need to take accountability and do it on our own. I oftentimes agree with this person, but end up beating myself up over the idea that I struggle to live healthy.

This morning I woke up and said to myself; "What a load of crap my friend speaks!" While I agree that I must gather the skills and confidence to to live physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy on my own. I will NEVER do this without a support system. Currently, the professionals are the best support system that I have.

So, while I am attending Slim and Fit I will continue to rely on my support system ,which includes all of you, but I will also strengthen my posse. For without a group of friends trying, living, and succeeding to live healthy I am destined to fail.


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