Wednesday, June 25

Laughing at Myself - June 25, 2008

The funny side of losing weight….

Well, last night I was convinced I had a tumor in my breast. I was REALLY convinced. After performing a complete exam of myself I realized that I did not have a tumor; my breasts are smaller and “things” are just not where they used to be! Calvin (the dog) was even a little concerned why there was such a flurry of activity at 2:30 AM.

Fiber, Fiber, Fiber….

Apparently, I am not getting enough fiber in my diet. I guess “they” are serious about me eating vegetables. I used to think I LIKED vegetables. I am having difficulty choking down eight CUPS of vegetables. My problem is that I prefer raw vegetables over cooked any day. Feel free to send me some of your favorite vegetable recipes.

Updates to Blog…

The subscription service no longer works. Apparently, Blogarithm was bought out by another company. If you have Outlook or a RSS feeder you may subscribe to my blog. E-mail me for instructions on how to setup on your computer. For those that frequent Facebook, My Space, Linked In, and/or Plaxo I am going to have Twitter automatically update as well. I hope to have it setup in the next week or so….
I also updated my total goal for walking the Mini Marathon. I found out that the winner of the Mini gets 3500 dollars. Well, I think I should raise that much for walking it!!!

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