Tuesday, December 23

December 23, 2008 - Third Times a Charm

Hello All,

Well, I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical, but hopeful when I started the acupuncture treatments. Part of me was convinced that Dr. Pita was getting a kickback for the referral and just wanted to see if he could convince me to do it. After my experiences over the last couple of weeks I am a true believer in using acupuncture.

I am again able to concentrate, act witty, not let as many things bother me, and am truly happy and content (from the inside). At first I was not sure that it would hold, but this has been going on for over a week. A week is a long time for me. At the same time, I do not feel “drugged” and my sister said; “you do not have that crazy look in your eyes.”

Currently, I am still taking prescription help which will continue. However, my hope is that when I feel like this again, I will try the acupuncture first and not need them, but we shall see.

Now, on with the details of my third visit…

Now that I am experienced at acupuncture I ran to the bathroom right before my appointment. No need to have a repeat of last time! I informed Dr. Pins and Needles that my knee was still a bit sore, but I was feeling better.

He always says he is impressed with how well I am responding to the treatment. I still do not know how he determines that by looking at my tongue and checking my pulse, but I do not care anymore.

I think he put in at least 8 needles in my head (I was wondering what would happen if I had a metal plate in my head. Would you hear it scratch?). A bunch more needles went in my knee (If he poked them through my kneecap would it keep my knee in place?). There were a few in each arm (my Chakra got mad at the one on the left this time). He put a couple in for my sinuses (I hate those). He placed a few across my belly (which is A LOT smaller than it was this time last year).

After he was done, I settled in to take a nap…

What lovely music they are playing today….


That’s nice they have birdies chirping in the music…


I feel as if I am floating on a cloud…


My head feels very light…

Dr. Pins and Needles comes back in the room and asks if I fell asleep. I inform him that I did not, but I felt as if I was floating on a cloud. He told me that is how you are supposed to feel! FINALLY I GET IT RIGHT!

He then says; “Have you ever felt like that before?”

I think about it for a minute and say; “No.”

However, I edited my thought. I truly thought; “Not legally.”

Til Next Week,

P.S. I posted this before I got weighed. I will provide a quick update after my appointment tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Your emails are so funny! I couldn't help but think of Eli Stone...he goes to an acupunctionist!

Do you have an appointment tomorrow? I am just going to weigh in. I will probably be there around 8:30.

Have a nice Christmas!