Wednesday, January 14

January 14, 2009 - Podcasts

Hello All,

I have notes written down of what I wanted to write about this week, but I do not feel up to it today. Instead, I decided to share the names of some free podcasts on iTunes that I am enjoying. One of the podcasts taught me that when you learn things that help you lose weight (or any other thing you learn) that you should share with others in order to learn it even better yourself.
The podcasts (that relate to my health goals) that I am enjoying and learning from are:

-Motivation to Move
-Fat 2 Fit Radio
-Fitness Rocks
-Inside Out Weight Loss
-Prevention Magazine's Walking Programs
-Weight Loss and the Mind
-The Daily Boost
-Inspiring Words of Encouragement (Zig Ziglar)

You can subscribe to any of these for free and since I have not had any trouble using them on my player they must all be in MP3 format. For most of the podcasts I downloaded the earlier episodes and started from the beginning since the information builds upon itself.

Take care,

P.S. I give up! The image I picked for this post will not upload. Urgh!

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