Wednesday, January 7

January 7, 2009 - Random Thoughts and Happenings

Happy New Year All!

Sorry for not posting last week. I was at an agility trial and did not have anything interesting to say. However, A LOT can happen in a week. I just do not know where to begin, so I will provide a series of updates.


Dr. Pita's latest thing for me to try is EMDR. EMDR is basically this method of dealing with situations (e.g. trauma) and reprogramming the brain to think about them in a different manner. You can check out more at EMDR gets good reviews from Gulf War Veterans and my Social Worker friends. Since one of my readers is a Gulf War Veteran, I must say; "be sure to thank a veteran."

As many of you know I can be a very, very anxious person. This is of course not good when you are trying to be healthier, so off I went to meet the Social Worker for EMDR. Let me just say that she is an EXTREMELY nice individual and really cares about her job and the job she is doing. Remember, most of what I say on here I am trying to find the humor in...


She tells me to think of a traumatic event or something that bothers me a lot and start to describe it.

Tap, tap, tap (she is tapping on my hands, as it was already proven that I cannot handle the rapid eye movement).

She stops, I explain the event.

Tap, tap, tap

She stops, I tell her how the image has changed.

Tap, Tap, tap

She stops I tell her how the image changed.

Tap, tap, tap

I tell her how everyone in the image is now gone. Woo hoo!

She informs me that we are going to start over and I have to focus and not talk while the intern writes down what I say.

Okay, we start over.

Tap, Tap, describe, tap, tap, describe, tap, tap, tap

Everyone in the image disappears again. Woo hoo!

This goes on a couple more times. Before I leave she tells me that I have to think of another event leading up to that one. I THINK SHE IS ACCUSING ME OF BLOCKING! Hmph. I want the people in my image to go away! Apparently, that is not the correct response. Who knew?!?!

Now, Dr. Pita had a good quote today that I have been laughing about all day. I am paraphrasing, but it was something like this; "Well, some of this stuff is like throwing mud." In other words, I was RIGHT! I am a guinea pig! I think his point is that eventually the perfect formula for what works for me will be found, but we are going to try a few things. Well, that is how I interpreted it anyway.

I am going to keep trying EMDR, especially since Dr. Pita got a gift basket. I would hate for the Social Worker to "go into the hole."

Latest in Acupuncture...

Well, I went for my 4th appointment with Dr. Pan (Pins and Needles). I was feeling a bit lethargic, but was looking forward to the rush acupuncture was giving me after the first 3 appointments. Hmph! Apparently being poked could not get rid of my bad attitude this time.

Dr. Pan stabbed me with the needles and started putting in the ones that are on my head. I know this comes as quite a shock for those that know me really well, I ABSOLUTELY do not like anyone touching the the top or back of my head. However, Dr. Pan has passed this test after the first time so I do not mind him poking needles in the top of my head. I also let him fiddle with my right knee cap (Dr. T., the orthopedist, would probably cry if he heard me say that!).

Anyhoo...Dr. Pan put one in the middle of my forehead and OUCH! That one hurt! He informs me that it is my third eye. Well, I inform him that my third eye does not like being poked and for future reference my first eye and second eye will also respond negatively to acupuncture needles!
Again, I absolutely have to go to the bathroom before he returns to the room....Hold on to this thought...because tomorrow's acupuncture appointment is going to be REAL interesting as you will soon learn.

ER Visit

Monday I was not feeling well when I got up, but it was MONDAY. I had pretty much done nothing on Sunday so I figured it was the Monday morning blahs. As the day, progressed I felt crappier and crappier. When I would stand up the world would go dark. After consulting my list of things it could be...

Am I anxious, thus having an anxiety attack? Nope
Am I bored? Nope
Did I eat? Yep
Am I depressed? Probably, but that is not it

I called my Primary Care doctor, so he sent me to the Emergency Room. Well, I knew I was in trouble when they actually triaged me into the ER not PromptCare. Basically, money wise. Of course, this happens AFTER the first of the year when the deductible kicks in...urgh!

Stand Up, Sit Down, Lay Down, Stand Up, Sit Down, Lay Down (If only it would have been in the chapel it would ALMOST be like attending mass, except they were checking my pulse and blood pressure).

It is determined that I am dehydrated! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! I KNEW THAT ACUPUNCTURE WAS WORKING TOO WELL! He DEFLATED ME!

I got some saline and left. However, I did want to tell the girl in the next room that screaming and moaning for 30 minutes that you need pain killers does not get you pain killers. If you NEED pain killers you get them in the first couple of minutes. Believe me, I know. My preference is Demerol. Makes you LOVE everyone and not notice that your knee is not where it is supposed to be...

Dr. Pita Visit

Now, apparently there is a big office swap going on there. Of course there is, this is what happens whenever people move to new places. I have done it enough myself. People settle in for a month or two and then someone wants to move and then EVERYONE wants to move. This only concerns me because apparently Dr. Pita is moving to a new office without windows. Something to possibly do with wanting to do hypnosis. Silent Scream! Now we know what the next thing is that I might be talked into trying. I am sure some of you would pay money to see Dr. Pita try that with me.

I found out I lost a pound, I learned a few things from the Social Worker to try, and then moved on to see Dr. Pita.

Now, Dr. Pita has caught on that I feel a bit overwhelmed, especially when I am lethargic and do not want to do too much. He informs me that I need to "chunk" my list. Put only three things and then do them before moving on. Hmmmm...good idea...I did not have the heart to tell him that I DO chunk my list into Kristi's Hierarchy of Needs (sorry Maslow).

Kristi's Hierachy of Needs Includes the Following...
Food (what to cook, stuff to get at store)
Clothing (laundry, clothes to purchase, clothes to repair)
Shelter (cleaning, things that need fixed)
Self Care (exercise goals, etc)
Time for Self (scrapbooking goals, spanish goals, agility goals)
Work (self explanatory)
Transportation (when the car needs fixed, etc)
Friends/Family (People to call back and write, etc)
Pay Bills/Paperwork (When certain bills are paid, outstanding bills, etc)

These lists are further broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, yearly to dos. Is that what he means by chunking? I am an obsessive list maker! Can you tell? These lists do not actually mean I get anything done, but I have do have the list! Remember the list! Everything goes on the list!

Well, I inform Dr. Pita about my ER visit. He informs me that I need to drink even MORE water. At least 10 glasses, if not 12 a day. Hmmmm...Acupuncture is going to be very interesting tomorrow!

Til Next Week or something interesting happens,


April said...

better watch you'll have water poisoning :-)

Kathy Morton said...

Keep up the good work Kristi! If you drink 12 glasses of water a day, Dr. Pita will poke you with a needle and you'll spring a leak.