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June 3, 2009 - Cricket Anyone?

Hello All,

I had another appointment with Dr. Pita today. One of the reason I went one week after last seeing him is because Dr. Pins and Needles is out of town. I am still trying to maintain some accountability by making sure I see at least one member of my "get healthy army" every Wednesday.

Lately, my mind is consumed with thoughts like; "How do I insure I maintain my healthy lifestyle habits" and "I do not want to feel like I did before, is this bite of cookie the bite that takes me to the dark side?"

Well, Dr. Pita had several suggestions when I start to get into a "funk" (I am not allowed to call it depression anymore, even though on the new charge form he circles that .) Primarily I need to change my physiology when I can. For example, if I am not If I am looking down...look up. Okay, I will do that.

He also started yammering on about "getting outside of myself." He means that I need to do something that is helping others a bit (I think) and keep my mind occupied on other things. Well, I do this a lot anyway, but there is a new little project that I got roped into...

Are you ready for this?!?!?

"Unofficial Editor" of the cricket tournament blog for the Indy Friends Club. HAHAHAHAHAHA!


For those that do not know, for most of my career I have worked with primarily folks from the former British Empire (people from India and Great Britain primarily). Cricket is BIG there!

Well, yesterday I got an e-mail that said; "Please rewrite for the blog." It contained short descriptions of the previous and future matches (is that what they are called?). Of course, I said; "OK!"

So, for the next 6 weeks or so...I will be donating my time correcting and expanding on my friend's descriptions of the cricket tournaments. I also will be reading Cricket for Dummies.

So...Dr. Pita...I AM doing something outside of myself and keeping my mind occupied. HA!

Til Next Week,
P.S. I was down a pound of fat and up 1.5 pounds of muscle.

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