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May 27, 2009 - This is What Hyper Looks Like

Hello All!

First off, I saw Dr. Pita today. I am actually up 1.5 pounds. At first this sounds like a bummer, but he said I am actually up some muscle weight. This makes sense for as much as I am working out. I am not bothered by this at all. The overnight weight gain might also have a bit to do with the Boston Market I ate last night (A LOT of sodium in that).

For those that do not read my blog via the site, I have my goals on the side of the blog. One of the goals I am working on is to use my Polar Body Watch to make sure I burn 1550-1750 calories a week by exercising. I am succeeding in this goal so far, it will be a tough one, but I am prepared to make it a priority.

Dr. Pita confused me today. I have to process some of the stuff he said in my brain before I can blog about it. I also was not really in the mood. We are working on some "transformational vocabulary"---a la Tony Robbins, I believe.

This past week was interesting. I was a bit hyper. It all started with the first day I went back to exercising after the flu. I went to the gym and walked for 20 minutes making sure to stay in the correct zone, as determined by the watch. After walking uphill for 20 minutes I decided I need to do some core work. It was then that I decided (without remembering that I was recovering from an ear infection and I have a knee that likes to dislocate) to try the balance board. It was only while wobbling precariously on the board did I remember my ailments. Fortunately, no one else was in the gym when I hurled my body at the equipment shelf to jump off the thing.

Later that evening I decided to make quinoa. Have you ever made quinoa before? Well, it is sorta like making rice except it has a lot more fiber. According to the package directions it needs rinsed before placing it in the water. I got the sieve and poured some quinoa in it. The quinoa went through the sieve into the sink because the grains were much too small for the sieve. I immediately (without thinking) grabbed some paper towel to put in the bottom of the sieve. I poured the quinoa on the paper towel into the sieve. I thought to myself; "much better." That is, until silly me poured water on top of the whole thing. I ended up with a wet-paper-towel-quinoa mess. Ugh. week was only beginning (grin )

All day at work the next day I was a bit hyper. I was able to get a bit done because it gave my mind something to keep occupied. Later that day I had an appointment with Dr. Pins and Needles.
Dr. Pins and Needles was running a tad bit late. This is not unusual so I did not think much about it. However, I found out the reason he was running late was because he thought my appointment was at 4:30 instead of 4:00. Well, this had me a bit concerned because I have piano lessons at 6:30. I was going to be cutting it close to get to lessons on time. Finally, I get called back to the room.

I told him that things were going well that I was in a good signs of "Sad Disease" or anything like that. I am sure I was also bouncing off the walls just a bit. We get to the room and I have to pull my pants up at the legs so he can put the needles in my legs. Well, my pants were too tight to go up any farther. I said; I have my workout clothes with me. He left the room so I could change. I tug, tug, tug and tug. I CANNOT GET MY PANTS DOWN! THEY WERE STUCK! He comes back. I holler; "not done yet." After 10 more minutes of this I went to the front desk and cut the side hem of my pants so the pants will loosen their grip on my leg. AHHHHH, FREE AT LAST.

When I got back to the room, I quickly changed. Dr. Pins and Needles walked in and said; "All done now?" I said; "YesIhadalittletroublegettinmypantsoff.Theywerestuck.Ihadtogetsomescissorsthatisokaytheyweregoingtobetoobigsoonanyway."
He then said; "We are going to do your acupuncture a little differently today." Do you think he noticed I was a bit hyper? I do not know what he did differently, but I almost fell asleep!

Over the next couple of days these are the additional things that happened.

*I poured water in my purse. I KNEW that bottle was partially opened, but my brain did not stop me.
*I got a new phone because I fried it when I poured water in my purse.
*I locked the keys in the car.
*I ran head first into a wall.

At least it was all fodder for the blog!

Til Next Week,

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